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July 2018 was a significant month for the American Canyon Fire Protection District in that we received delivery of our newest fire apparatus, a 2018 Pierce "Heavy Duty Rescue", and we re-acquired the very oldest district fire apparatus, the very first fire engine that made a newly established agency operational as a fire department! (1955)
Mutual Aid; Wildfire

On Thursday, July 26th, the Napa County Operational area sent a “strike team” consisting of 5 engines and a command vehicle to the “Carr” incident near Redding.  District Captain Jose Martin staffed the command vehicle in the role of strike team leader (U211) and three members, Captain Matt Churchman, Firefighter Mark Cia and Firefighter Maksim Matushevskiy, are the District personnel staffing our Engine 411. As of Thursday, 8/2/18, the total number of acres burned was 131,896 and the fire is 39% contained.  

Notable Incidents

On Friday, July 27th at 1158 hours Engine 11 was dispatched to a reported equipment fire. Engine 11 arrived at scene to find a forklift that had been on fire at a business on Green Island Road. Employees of the business had utilized six fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire prior to our arrival. Engine 11 applied a water and foam mixture to insure that the fire was completely extinguished.

Pierce Heavy Rescue 

The District’s new 2018 Pierce “Heavy Duty Rescue” was delivered on July 2nd – in time to be displayed as a participant in the July 4th parade. This apparatus procurement was made possible by the Federal Assistance to Firefighters (“AFG”) Grant Program. The 2018 Pierce “Heavy Duty Rescue” (“HDR”) will replace a 28 year old apparatus; “Rescue 11.” 

Original Fire Engine

“American Canyon District Receives New Fire Truck – The “thrill that comes once in a lifetime” was experienced this week by the American Canyon Fire District Board of Commissioners, when they drove their new fire engine around the streets of Rancho Del Mar. Frank Waters, chairman of the board, was at the wheel, and Vic Lee and Wally Dahlquist were aboard. Their delight was matched by the dozens of children who followed in its wake, eying the shining engine and its intricate equipment.” Vallejo Times Herald Friday, June 17, 1955.

Well, the community of American Canyon gets to experience the thrill twice in a lifetime! The very same original fire engine the district obtained when it became operational on July 1, 1955 has survived the test of time and is coming home! Pictured below is how the engine looks today and how it looked when it was first acquired in June of 1955. 
The apparatus remained in service and functional with the district for approximately 30 years. We do not have records of the exact date, but we think it was sold as surplus in approximately the 1980’s. We had lost track of it until we received a call from the owner, who had been storing the truck in French Camp, Ca. He planned to sell the truck, however, knowing the origin of the truck he wanted to provide us with an opportunity to purchase it prior to placing it on the open market. 

Assistant Chief Lawson, Fire Chief (Ret.) Keith Caldwell and Fire Captain Jose Martin went to inspect the truck and were amazed at how good of shape it was in! In July with further assistance from Captain Cordeiro and Firefighter Bartow we re-acquired this fantastic piece of American Canyon history! The truck is currently in Sacramento and we are planning a complete restoration process. We are looking forward to bringing the apparatus home in its original condition soon. We plan to make the original American Canyon Fire Protection District fire apparatus available for all of the community to enjoy at community events, parades, open houses etc.
1955 White/Van Pelt 1000 gallon per minute pumper. The very first fire apparatus acquired by the American Canyon Fire Protection District upon its formation.

Pictures of the Original Fire Truck 
“From the Footsteps of Time” Volume 2
 (History of American Canyon)
4th of July 2018
July 4, 2018
Flag raising ceremony
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