" Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Matthew 11:28-30
Navigate reminds us that the journey we are on takes some intentional focus on direction. We are not called to wander or be lost; we are called to follow Jesus in navigating our way through a distracting world.
A Lot of Questions

In the book of John, Jesus’ questions, if taken personally, ask us to go deep. They ask us to be honest with ourselves, to discover our real needs and the motives of our heart.

To the first disciples: “What do you want?” John 1:38

To the Samaritan woman: “Will you give me a drink?” John 4:7

To the lame man: “Do you want to get well?” John 5:6

To the Jews: “Why are you trying to kill me?” John 7:19

To Pilate: “Is that your own idea or did others talk to you about me?” John 18:34

To the soldiers in the garden: “Who is it you want?” John 18:4

To Mary at the tomb: “Who is it you are looking for?” John 20:15

To Peter: “Do you truly love me?” John 20:15

Jesus’ questions call to our deep inner life that is ultimately revealed in our outer life, our navigated journey.  

Jesus calls each of us to: “Follow me.”  John 1:43, 21:19, 21:22.
Outside The Walls
Rev. Scott Sharp
"Navigate implies that we have a sense of direction and that we are plotting a course"
Inside The Walls
Governance Team
The decisions concerning the present and future of Central are the responsibility of the Governance Team. This elected group of individuals, chosen by the Nominating Committee and elected at Central's annual Charge Conference, meets monthly to discuss and make decisions on matters of relevance to our congregation. Their next meeting is May 25, 5:30 in the Life Center; all members of Central are welcome to attend.

The voting members of the group are Chair George Faulhaber, Vice Chair Karl Jarvis, Nadia Dockendorf, Linda Davidson, Janice Honeycutt Hering, Glen Small, Jim Dines, Don Lenk, John Kees, Virginia Nymeyer, Sandy Garcia and Maxine Todd.

Serving on the Governance team as advisory, non-voting members are Lay Leader Jim Sumner, Compass Points Chair Ted Balph, SPRC Chair Jean Hawk, Treasurer Ellen Skrak, Finance Chair Ken McVey, Trustees Chair Maurice Ikle, Senior Pastor Scott Sharp and Executive Pastor Kelly Brooks.

In order to more fully outline the responsibilities of the various advisory members, the Newsletter will include an ongoing in-depth look at each of the committees.

Chairman: Ted Balph
Staff Liaison: Kelly Brooks
The Compass Points committee is charged to be the programming branch of CUMC. As such, it creates and nurtures programming ideas and evaluates current programming for effectiveness. This evaluation consists of researching the following issues.
  • Does the program fit the mission of Central?
  • Is the focus of the program being accomplished by another group?
    If so, could the program best be served by joining efforts with this group?
  • Does Central have the financial, staff, and volunteer resources to carry out the proposed program? 
Programming at Central belongs to the membership, not the pastors. Anyone with a programming idea is encouraged to do initial research on the issue and bring it to Compass Points for further discussion and, if indicated, further research into the specifics. If consensus is reached on a particular proposal, the committee will present the idea to the Governance Team for affirmation. If it is decided that additional monies are needed from the budget, a vote from the Governance Team is necessary before the project can proceed.
Several of the issues that have been studied by the Committee are Stephen Ministry, the transition from Little Sunbeams to the YMCA, pastor led Bible studies, and Family Promise.
New At Central
Stephen Ministry
Central is now a participating church in the Stephen Ministry program.
On Sunday, April 30, 12 individuals were commissioned as Stephan Ministers;
Ellen, Jim, Jeanne, Janice, Marie, Brian, Carol, Beverly, Ruth, Donna, Sandra, and George - pictured with prayer warrior Marilyn; Stephen Leaders Pastor Scott, Judy and Pastor Kelly.

If you or anyone you know of could benefit from this caring, confidential, ongoing compassionate and caring ministry, please contact one of the Stephen Leaders - Judy, Kelly or Scott - and you will get the help you are asking for! An email sent to stephenministry@centraltolife.org can be accessed only by one of the Stephan Leaders, assuring total confidentiality.
Our Church Family
Boy Scouts
What do Martin Luther King Jr, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Neil Armstrong and John F. Kennedy have in common with a group of young men who meet at Central once a week? Boy Scouts, one and all-impressive individuals, one and all!

Central has the privilege of sponsoring Boy Scout Troop 134 led by Jack Jennings. The troop is composed of young men aged 13-17 who participate in numerous projects - camping, Cancer Support Now, bowling, swimming and helping clean up the Spruce Park neighborhood to mention but a few. They are currently working on their Geology Merit Badge, led in this study by Geologist Ray Irving, a member of Central - a relationship between the Scouts and members of Central that is valuable to our sense of community.
Three of the boys have earned, or are very close, to earning their Eagle Scout Award - the highest and most difficult award awarded by the Scouts. Neal Bisie earned the honor by designing and making beds for the Animal Humane Association. Glen Small (son of Don and Nancy Roberts-Small and grandson of Roger and Sandy Roberts!) removed and replaced the carpet in the Helping Hands room at Central for his soon-to-be completed award. A third member of the Troop, Aidan Woodall, is designing, fabricating and installing benches at Monte Vista Elementary School. It is obvious that Scouts don't focus on trivial pursuits!
The Troop meets at church on Monday nights, room 100 from 7:00-8:30. If you are, or know of, a young man between the ages of 11-18, please encourage them to visit and meet this group of outstanding, young future leaders.
Remember Central's lovely, little, faithful acolyte who served Sunday after Sunday - beginning when she could barely reach the candles to that inevitable time when she finally decided she was to 'old' for the job anymore??
That's still a very apt description of 'our' Faith Schifiani - still lovely and faithful, though no longer little and certainly not old! She's now a freshman at NMSU with a 3.8 GPA, majoring in Mass Communications and Theater. She's also an active member of Chi Omega Sorority and a sports broadcaster for NMSU's student produced newscast that airs live on PBS weekday mornings.
By some miracle of 'hours-in-the-day' Faith also continues her long involvement in the International Order of the Rainbow Girls. She has just been elected to serve as the Grand Worthy Advisor of the New Mexico Jurisdiction; an honor that was also awarded to her mother, Beverly, when she was a young member of this organization. It is a credit to Beverly that Faith has chosen to follow in her mother's footsteps as the leader of this group of young women devoted to faith in God, other people and themselves!
Faith's Installation will be June 23, at the Marriott Pyramid at 2:00pm.
She invites her Church family to attend this event; please RSVP to 505-897-5027.
"Bonepicking Bill" - you might not immediately recognize this version of the man Centralities know as a long-time choir member and active participant in Partnership Sunday School Class. However, for 16 years, 16+ hours a week, Bill Ortman is exactly that - he sits and patiently, carefully, painstakingly cleans bones left behind millions of years ago by prehistoric animals that roamed our Earth. The huge models of dinosaurs that terrified us as kids wouldn't exist without the efforts of individuals such as Bill - individuals who take hunks of rock and tease out the remains of these behemoths. "It's like opening a big Christmas present," says Bill while working to free the fossilized remains of his latest project - a Christmas present that can take years to completely reveal itself!
Janet Norden will be ordained a United Methodist Elder on June 3, 2017!! This ceremony takes place during Annual Conference, May 31-June 3 in Las Cruces. It’s a wonderful, joyful celebration of a long time journey for this fine lady and a beautiful service in itself. All are welcome to make the trip down South to celebrate with Janet.
Ed Vigil was recently honored by the NM Commission for Community Volunteerism as a NM Champion of Volunteerism. He was nominated by our local Meals on Wheels (MOW) organization for the award. He started with MOW five years ago when one of the senior volunteers, our very own Julianne McAchran, asked him to help. He says he initially declined the invitation but when Julianne told Ed’s wife Carolyn about her desperate need for a driver on a Wednesday route, Carolyn said, “Eddie doesn’t need to play bridge on Wednesday.” Thus, he was recruited and has found the work to be very rewarding.

Ed has been described as an invaluable member of the MOW community in Albuquerque. His outgoing personality and passion for community service keeps him continually involved with MOW whenever possible. He now drives two routes a week, using his vehicle to deliver meals to clients who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. He has also committed his time to other roles such as Chairman of the Volunteer Advisory Council, acting as a liaison between MOW’s administrative office and volunteers. He is also a member of the Speaker’s Bureau, a committee of volunteers who do outreach at events such as health fairs.

Central has a long history with Albuquerque’s MOW.  Joan Reeves was one of its cofounders and Julianne McAchran has been with MOW for greater than 40 years.

Some facts about Albuquerque’s MOW program:
  • They deliver over 500 meals per day
  • Over 80% of their clients report that their MOW volunteer is the only person they see on a daily basis
  • MOW of Albuquerque receives no state or federal funds
  • They are the only home delivered meal program in Albuquerque that serves 8 types of meals (diabetic, heart healthy, pureed, pre-cut, mechanical soft, renal, regular and vegetarian)
  • They serve anyone of any age (their youngest client is 24 and the oldest 109)
Congratulations to Ed on this recognition for all of his hard work. If you are interested in MOW talk to Ed – he is an inspirer and encourager to all who might be interested in volunteering for this wonderful organization.
Did You Know?
Central has a Memorial Garden/Columbarium. This is in the southwest area of the church. It was conceived in 2002 by Dr. Norton Francis and Dr. Charles Crutchfield. Over the next few years, a committee researched and established what would be best for CUMC. It has been available for church members to have a niche where their cremains may be placed and their family members can spend time in the garden in quiet contemplation. 

There are currently just a few niches left in the initial bank of niches, however, a new bank of niches will be ordered in the near future. There are several areas that are still available for niches, so there will be plenty of space in the years to come. Having a Columbarium on the church property is wonderful for church members who have spent many years serving the church and want to spend eternity there.  

For further information, please contact Michele Hume in the church office, 243-7834 or Susan Smith at 260-9945.
Children/Youth Ministries
VBS (Vacation Bible School) Saturday June 17, 9:00am – 3:00pm   Theme:  Hero Central.  For more information or to register:  visit the front desk or contact Kelly at 243-7834 or email Kellyb@centraltolife.org

On-going Children’s & Youth Sunday School and other activities – for more information, call Kelly or Kathy at church office at 243-7834 or email: kellyb@centraltolife.org or youth@centraltolife.org 

Children’s Sunday School
10:00 – 10:45AM, 4 years old - 5th grade.  Learning through games, crafts, music, and storytelling.

SOUL KIDS Children’s Choir
Sundays 9:45 – 10:00AM downstairs Children’s Sunday School Classroom.

Youth’s Sunday School and Youth Group
We invite all students in 6-12 grade to join us as we gather together to connect with one another and grow in our faith through a wide variety of events and activities throughout the year.
9:45-10:45AM   Mid High & Senior High
Youth group meets on Friday night.
Adult Ministries
On-going Sunday School Classes  
for more information, call church office at 243-7834

Leaders of Sunday school classes, please provide a short description of your class to include in this listing which will appear on a regular basis. Thanks! Pat Briggs – contact information is at the end of the newsletter.
Arts, Literature, Faith (ALFIES)
Sunday at 9:45 in the Conference Room
Contact: Anne Downing; drdavrome@gmail.com
The ALFies (Art, Literature, Faith) Class takes an open-minded look at faith as it appears in all forms of art and literature, frequently reviewing movies, plays, books, articles, and shows.  Progressive religious topics, current events, and social justice issues are discussed in an effort to discern the path we could take based on the life and teachings of the historical Jesus. Diverse opinions are welcome in a spirit of mutual respect. The class, open to all adults, meets Sundays 9:45-10:45 in the Conference Room at the end of the main floor hallway.

Sunday at 9:45 in Room 309
Contact: Bruce Underwood

Sunday at 9:45 in Room 312
Contact: Dodie Hawkins
Class is dedicated to spreading the love of Christ through study, service and support. Our class study is generally devoted to specific books of the Bible or Biblical ideas and concepts.  Social events help solidify us as a Church family that offers love and support in good times and bad.

Sunday at 9:45 in Room 311
Contact: Bill Ortman
May Class Topics: May 7: John Kees - A Rob Bell NOOMA Meditation, May 14 and 21: Dodie Hawkins - Climate Justice, and May 28: John Kees - A Rob Bell NOOMA Meditation.

Pastor Led
Sunday at 9:45 in the Life Center
Contact: Pastor Scott

Class of Promise
Sunday at 9:45 in  Room 304
Contact: Jim Hering

Sunday at 9:45 in Room 307
Contact: Joy Hayes
On-going Bible Studies

Friday Fellowship
Friday from 9:30am-11:30am in Room 311
Friday Bible Study & Fellowship Group will begin a new study soon called All Things New by Kelly Minter. This is a study of 2 Corinthians and will run 8 weeks from June 2nd to July 21st. We meet from 9:30-11:30 AM in room 311. Fellowship begins at 9:00. Cost for the study guide is $13.00. Please contact Joan Gustafson, 615-2853, to reserve your copy.
Contact: Joan Gustafson

WOW Women of the Word
Wednesday at 9:30am in Room 311
This group of welcoming, enthusiastic women meet weekly for Bible study and good fellowship.
They have just finished a study based on the book A Grace-full Life - God's All-reaching Soul-saving, Character-shaping, Never-ending Love. They are in the process of selecting a new study and welcome you to join them!
Contact:  Vera,  242-4061

Monday Night Bible Study
Monday at 6:30pm-8:00pm in Room 311
A group of dedicated, curious 'Bible-searchers' meets weekly for an in-depth study of various books of the Bible. Currently, the group is searching the Bible for truths about a believer's relationship with God. The focus of that relationship is now centered on prayer.
Contact: George or Donna Faulhaber

Monday Night Bible Study
Monday at 6:30pm in Room 306
This study rotates focus on different books of the bible. They just completed Hebrews and are on hiatus until April 24.  
Contact: Keith Smith
Service Ministries
On-going Service Ministries  
for more information, call church office at 243-7834 or contact below

Helping Hands    
For more information: call 353-1197
  • Helping Hands is a ministry whose mission is to assist people who walk in, seeking help, to meet their immediate short term needs.
Lowell Food Bank / Lowell Elementary
For more information: call church office at 243-7834
  • Mobile Food Pantry held monthly, volunteers set up at the school and distribute food to families provided by Road Runner Foods
  • School Uniform Drive – Partnering with the Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Operation School Bell to provide school uniforms for students at Lowell Elementary.
  • Mighty Milers running program
For more information: call 299-6154 or visit www.saranamabq.org
  • Saranam empowers families to end their homelessness and poverty through housing, education, and supportive communities.
Stephens Ministry            
Contact: Kelly Brooks at kellyb@centraltolife.org
  • Stephens Ministry is the one-to-one lay caring ministry that takes place in congregations that use the Stephen Series system. Stephen Ministry congregations equip and empower lay caregivers – called Stephen Ministers – to provide high-quality, confidential, Chris-centered care to people who are hurting.
Thrift Shop
For more information: call church office at 243-7834
  • The Thrift Shop proceeds from items sold are used to support the Church and its ministries.  Hours are:  Sunday Noon – 1:00pm, Thursday Noon – 3:00pm, and Friday 9:00am - Noon
What Can You Do?
(World needs can be over-whelming but local needs are more do-able!)

Helping Hands needs: Volunteers for Wednesday and/or Friday mornings. Requested donations: Ball caps, Chapstick, and travel-sized sunscreen. (There is a bin outside of the church office for donations.)
Communications Team Information
Deadline for June edition is Friday May 26, 2017.
Any questions, please ask the Communications Team

Visit the Welcome Desk in the gathering area for:  answers to your questions from a member of the governance team, printed copies of the newsletter, and other written information. Classes and ministries consider placing informational flyers for a study  or event at the desk. Connect cards are available at the desk and in the pews to update your contact information for the church and so we can email the newsletter to you.

Phone #: (505) 268-1009 [Briggs Family]

Co-Chairs: Chris Briggs  &  Pat Briggs

Current Team Members:
Donna Faulhaber, Barbara Fuller, Jesus Valdez,
Rev. Scott Sharp, Rev. Kelly Brooks