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"Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done on earth"?
Bringing Heaven's ways to the earth

1.) How to discern the Father's will
How did Jesus discern the Father's will? John 5:30
What does the Bible tell us to pray for?  1 Timothy 2:1-4
What things does God Hate?  Proverbs 6:16-19
What things will God Bless? Matthew 5:3-10

2.) What our flesh wants vs. what the Spirit wants  1 Peter 4:1
Fully re-Committed today?  Hebrews 4:7
Mind of Christ?  1 Corinthians 2:16 - Think What would Jesus do?
Do we have ought against anyone? (Are we holding any offense or unforgiveness?)  Mark 11:25

3.) Check our Motivation
Why are we asking- what is our motivation? James 4:3
How are we asking ? With Authority? In Jesus Name/ with His right standing that He purchased for us? Luke 9:1,
In agreement?   Matthew 18:18-20

4.) Stay in Faith with Patience
Patience is that ability to hang on to the promise through all manner of trials and circumstances to inherit the promise

This month's Praise & Worship
(Christian rock)

(Christian rock)

Prayer Suggestions for January:  

Not feeling as close to God??
We enter His gates with Thanksgiving
Thank Him for:

1.) Each New day
2.) Protection
3.) Healing
4.) Deliverance
5.) Love that we can show
6.) Love that we can receive
7.) His Comfort
8.) His Peace
9.) The Holy Spirit
10.) Forgiveness & Mercy
11.) Great Grace 
12.) His Help
13.) His Word
14.) His Wisdom
15.) Life
16.) Breath
17.) Sending Jesus
18.) Fellowship
19.) All the fruits of the Spirit
20.) All the gifts of the Spirit
21.) Beauty of Nature
22.) God's Creativity
23.) Eternal Life
24.) Eyesight & Spiritual Sight
25.)  Light
26.) Hope

Pray for our prayers to be more  fervent and effectual

Protection for our soldiers

Pray for the Lord to send forth more laborers into the Harvest

Pray that our Faith not fail
Pray and believe for supernatural intervention

Pray for spiritual growth for all leaders and them to be guided by the Holy Spirit

Pray for overcoming and deliverance in all affliction

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


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