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Rise up and overcome!

therefore we can be steadfast and unmovable in our faith

 When David was GREATLY distressed he encouraged himself in the Lord - 1 Samuel 30:6 - the Hebrew word used here for encouraged means to be strong, to conquer to hold fast or to withstand in a continuing way

1.) Psalm 5: 1    -      Link to related song

2.) Psalm 16:11    -     Link to related song

3.) John 15:11 - Jesus' joy is in us

4.) John 16:20    -     Beauty for Ashes 

7.) Jude 1:24   -     Link to related song

Gloria (Mom) Adams encouraging quote, 
" I read the back of the book, and WE WIN!!!"

Pray in the spirit - it edifies you!!! - 1Cor. 14:4
Praying in the Spirit builds you up and builds your faith up


Prayer Suggestions for April:  

Send a Prayer Chain to 8 people you know:
be a part of a 1 million participant Lord's Prayer chain to slow and stop Coronavirus.  The idea is you pray and then pass the message on to 8 other people

Heal us from fatigue, deliver us from any spirits of fear and fill us with your joy as our strength 

Fill us with resurrection power

Thank you Lord for the personal revelation you give each of us through your Word

Let us be ever ready, as only you can prepare us

Let us find new ways to show our love for you

Fill us with stronger compassion

Grant us a willing spirit

Prayer Song

We claim Psalm 91 promises for all believers exposed to the virus

Fill us with the faith we need to walk in victory

Let all leaders be guided by the Holy Spirit only

We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Thank you Lord that all your testimonies are sure


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We continue to support the Training Camp at Jesus Is Ministries, reconciling lives to Jesus by feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, housing those outcast, loosing the bands of wickedness and letting the oppressed go free.  
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Join us in getting these funds to where they are MOST NEEDED!

Cost free Residential Rehab with ongoing food and clothing support in huge quantities to a three county area in Florida - currently receiving over 5000 lbs of food per week

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