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Your Monthly News & Updates

God is Bigger & Greater than:

1.) Our thoughts and our ways  

2.) Our Fears

3.) Our Understanding

5.) Time itself

6.) The Past

7.) Our Mistakes and Sin, even our feelings of condemnation

8.) What we think is our future

Dad Adams used to say, 
" If your God's dead TRY MINE- 'cause He is ALIVE!!!"

1.) Smarter & Stronger

2.) Eternal & Holding everything together

3.) More Merciful

4.) Patient

5.) Right and Just


This month's Praise & Worship
(Christian rock)

(Christian rock)

(Gospel Style)

Prayer Suggestions for November:  

Thank Him for:

1.) Provision
2.) Protection
3.) Healing
4.) Deliverance
5.) Love that we can show
6.) Love that we can receive
7.) His Comfort
8.) His Peace
9.) The Holy Spirit
10.) Forgiveness & Mercy
11.) Great Grace 
12.) His Help
13.) His Word
14.) His Wisdom
15.) Life
16.) Breath
17.) Sending Jesus
18.) Fellowship
19.) All the fruits of the Spirit
20.) Beauty of Nature
21.) God's Creativity
22.) Eternal Life
23.) Eyesight & Spiritual Sight
24.) Hope

Ask God HOW YOU can show him how grateful you are 

Pray to find a quiet place to Pray

Pray for increased numbers of people coming to Salvation

Pray for Strength of Faith in the victory that Jesus purchased
Pray the enemies of God will be put to shame and all their efforts will be brought to no effect

Pray for Renewal in the minds and hearts of all spiritual leaders

Pray for continual improvement and strengthening against all disease and infirmity

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem


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