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How to

Understand that holding on to Unforgiveness leads to Bitterness


1.) Remember all the things the Lord has ever forgiven you for in your whole life (even before you told Him you were sorry)

2.) Choose to forgive the other person
  • Choose to forgive while you are still in the "offense" stage if possible
  • Choose to forgive as many times in every day as you are offended again
  • Choose to forgive even if the other person is undeserving
  • Choose to forgive even if the other person does not feel sorry, does not apologize or does not even care that they have hurt you
2.) Bless the other person
  • Think of the blessing that you would most want for yourself and pray for God to bless them in that way
  • Think of the thing that they would most need and ask the Lord to give it to them
  • Bless them for their good with all your heart as sincerely as you can (at first your heart may not be in it, you may just feel like you are mouthing words that you don't really mean- BUT DO IT ANYWAY, because as you do it it will change your heart)
4.) Ask the Lord to show you something you can do FOR the other person
  • If this is not possible because the person is not around you, find a way, you can even send something anonymously (It's not important that the person knows it's from you: THIS IS CLEANSING YOUR HEART- not theirs)
then ....... REPEAT: UP TO 70- X 7 PER DAY



Prayer Suggestions for July:  

Pray to Recognize and Cast Down Vain Imaginations

Pray to have Childlike Honesty and Sincerity of Heart
Pray to let go of things of this world if they are keeping us from closeness to Jesus
Pray that we will be on the lookout for ways to serve others

Pray for all leaders

Pray for protection from the enemy for our brethren and loved ones

Recognize and Stand Against the Spirit of AntiChrist

Pray to block deception and expose the true agenda of the enemy 

Pray for more growth in 
love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness and  temperance

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

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