"Archway Communities elevates lives by providing access to affordable housing, food security and the supportive social services people need to thrive."
NEWSLETTER | July 2021

What does it mean to be a non-profit?

When describing Archway Communities, I often find myself starting with the words: “We are a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing and related services in Colorado.”

Why do I use the term “non-profit” to describe our organization? What, exactly, does it mean? And does it matter? A definition I like has it that a “non-profit organization is a business that has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because it furthers a social cause and provides a public benefit.” https://www.investopedia.com/terms/n/non-profitorganization.asp

Note that this definition does not say anything about how the non-profit organization (NPO) should be operated. It does not prohibit an NPO from striving for excellence or using performance metrics to promote desired outcomes. It does not state that NPOs should not work to effectively compete with for-profit organizations. Nor is it written that an NPO should pay its people less than what they could otherwise make in the market. Yet these, and other myths tend to endure and influence how many non-profits operate.

At Archway we are striving for operational excellence every day. We are doing all we can to retain the most talented professionals available in the market. Put simply, we are working hard to provide more and better housing and more and better services to support our communities. If, as you read this, you ask yourself: “What can I do to help?,” well, then perhaps there is place for you at Archway - as an employee, as a volunteer or as a donor. 

For more information about Archway Communities, please visit our website: www.archwaycommunities.org

Sebastian Corradino
Help Archway Win Big!
What if we all gave together? What if we all worked together to create change? We can! Starting on July 19th, our community will come together to support the amazing work of Archway Communities to fundraise for our dedicated and experienced staff to continue to provide essential Family and Youth Services across all of our properties. Services such as weekly food banks, after-school programming, field trips, education and job support, case management and so much more allows Archway residents to thrive. With your support the youth living in Archway Communities can have the resources necessary to explore the world, participate in unique experiences and feel connected to their larger community.

A Community Thrives is a program that supports community improvement ideas with grants up to $100K. To qualify for a grant, Archway Communities needs to raise $6,000 from its own network.

Help us raise awareness and essential funds for Archway Communities by saving the date and making a donation online from July 19th through August 13th. Your donation will make an incredible difference!
What: Give to Archway Communities to support their A Community Thrives Campaign
When: July 19th through August 13th
How: Tell your friends! Forward this email! Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Help us get the word out about A Community Thrives. Follow the leaderboard and help us get to the top!
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What year was Archway founded?

A: 1986
B: 1993
C: 1995
D: 1999
We have been developing affordable housing communities, expertly managing properties, and providing essential supportive services to individuals and families since 1995.
A gift to Archway helps provide affordable housing and year-round supportive services and developmental programs for adults and youth who reside within our housing communities!