"Archway Communities elevates lives by providing access to affordable housing, food security and the supportive social services people need to thrive."
NEWSLETTER | August 2021

What is it like to be an Archway Board Member?
Sheri Replane, Archway’s very creative Director of Communications, has invited me to share some thoughts for this month’s Newsletter. It’s a golden opportunity to describe what it’s like to be a Board Member of this very effective Non-Profit community service organization.
I’ll start by saying it is a true blessing to be part of an effort that makes so much difference in the lives of the people we are privileged to serve – our residents. Every time I visit one of our properties, I visit with folks who are emotionally grateful for friendly, safe places to live. They appear to be strengthened by their relationships with fellow tenants and with Archway’s loving staff members. An immediately visible sign of their gratitude is their response to our many food banks hosted by our Resident Service Coordinators. They also are positive in their comments about how our Property Managers work with them. I am impressed with our good fortune to be able to serve people of all races, religious beliefs and national origins. Serving Archway residents gives meaning to my life. 
Next, I want to celebrate our incredible staff! What a thrill to be working with a wonderful team! We presently have 42 employees, 10 properties (641 units), with four more in the pipeline. Our most dramatic work is something one would not expect a government-subsidized apartment owner to do. We have an extensive Resident and Family Services program at every property! Our CEO, Sebastian Corradino, has created a team whose members embrace and support one another and who are deeply committed to the community service work of which they are a part. We Board Members are honored to be invited to engage in staff/board committees in which we brainstorm options for the big picture - financial, resident social services, project development, property management and maintenance, and HR issues faced by a growing organization. It is a great joy to support such caring and capable people. 

There is one other facet to being a Board Member which tends to call us into accountability. We serve one-year terms but our By-laws provide that there is no limit to the number of terms to which one can be elected. This makes each of us aware that we need to make a true difference in our efforts as volunteers. I am very grateful for this provision as it has allowed me to walk the walk with Archway since 1994 when it was a gleam in the eyes of a fellow continuing Board Member, David Nestor.

Many blessings to all in these very difficult days for people around the world!

Robb Lapp
For more information about Archway Communities, please visit our website: www.archwaycommunities.org

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What was Archway Communities called when it was founded? 

A: Colorado Housing Development Corporation
B: Archway Housing & Services
C: Rocky Mountain Housing Development Corporation
D: Rocky Mountain Housing & Services
Archway Communities was incorporated May 11th, 1995 under the name Rocky Mountain Housing Development Corporation, or RMHDC.
A gift to Archway helps provide affordable housing and year-round supportive services and developmental programs for adults and youth who reside within our housing communities!