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Worship God: For the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy - Rev.19:10

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Prayer for May

Prayer Suggestions:
Pray for all Leaders Worldwide   

Pray for the US to prize
 Biblical Values
     Pray against anything that      promotes calling  evil good
and good evil

Pray that no legislation will pass that will limit our freedom of religion
Iran-Israel clash is close

Pray for NO escalation and all agendas of the enemies of the Lord will be thwarted, confounded and amount to nothing


More Prayer Suggestions:

Help us be humble 

Place your hedge of Protection
 around all our family members 

Equip Us
Increase our Vision
Stir up all your precious Gifts of the Spirit
and Strengthen our love for others

Turn funding currently supporting the kingdom of darkness to support the Kingdom of God 

Cause us to Stand Firm

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Deliverance Prayer
Breaking Bondages Daily
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