This month we celebrate the 'World Migratory Bird Day'
May 10-11
Birdwatching Tour
In the Curi-Cancha Wildlife Refuge you can discover wonderful species of mammals and birds that live and migrate in Monteverde. Come and enjoy a great journey through natural trails with many surprisesRead more... 
Farmer�s Market Tour 
Come and celebrate the Costa Rican Farmer's Day and enjoy a visit through the market with a taste of the local cuisine and culture. This market is a place for family and friends to meet, and the best place to buy delicious produce. Read more...

2nd Fair of Sustainability and Philanthropy, Monteverde 2014

The Community Fund of Monteverde invites you to participate in the 2nd Fair of Sustainability and Philanthropy to be held this coming May 17th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
The purpose of this fair is to share real experiences and the best practices in sanitation, sustainable tourism, agriculture, human development and climate change mitigation; as well as to raise funds for the 2014 Small Donation Program, which supports new projects on similar matters.

Training Program for Internal Contributors 


Ocotea Tours & Transfers restates its commitment to sustainability in its sixth year anniversary, and with great pleasure invites its colleagues to the Induction on 'Equality for All and Sustainability', to be held on May 22nd, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 p.m.


During this activity, there will be addressed important issues such as the challenges when caring for people with disabilities in order to give real inclusive accessibility, as well as an introduction to the laws of Costa Rica. 


Additionally, we will inform our employees about the progresses in implementing the company's Sustainability Plan, the importance of complying with the carrying capacity in the protected areas of Monteverde, and training options in Basic First Aid.


We cordially invite our guides and drivers to participate in this activity. Please bring the booklet that was handed out in previous inductions.


Costa Rican Farmer's Day - May 1st


We want to express our gratitude to our internal and external collaborators for their loyalty, commitment and affection.  We thank God for the blessing of work.

World Migratory Bird Day (May 10-11, 2014)




The World Migratory Bird Day is an annual awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the protection of migratory birds and their habitats.


With the theme "Destination Flyways: Migratory Birds and Tourism", World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2014 will highlight the links between migratory bird conservation, local community development and wildlife watching tourism around the world.
Costa Rican Farmer's Day - May 15th


On May 11th, 1968 the 4096 Law was declared in Costa Rica, a fair tribute to the rural men and women, who with their everyday and very hard work, produce food that Costa Rica depend on, and a large amount of the foreign exchange that the country needs for its development. Through the history of agriculture it has been, and remains today, the economic, social and cultural livelihood of our nation.


Ocotea Tours & Transfers invites you to celebrate this day enjoying the new Farmer's Market Tour at the Monteverde Square Mall, in downtown Santa Elena, every Saturday from 6:00 am to 10:00 am.


It is an exclusive area for producers, artisans and farmers, where high quality products are sold at a very affordable price. During this activity, you will walk around the market and enjoy the local culture and cuisine.


This tour brings together three key aspects: recovering the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy through the sale of local products, providing a meeting place for neighbors and friends, and collaborating in the invaluable development of the Monteverde community.

International Day of Biogical Diversity - May 22nd

2014 Theme: Island Biodiversity

Islands and their surrounding near-shore marine areas constitute unique ecosystems often comprising many plant and animal species that are endemic -found nowhere else on Earth. The legacy of a unique evolutionary history these ecosystems are irreplaceable treasures.

They are also key to the livelihood, economy, well-being and cultural identity of 600 million islanders-one-tenth of the world's population.
Widening of the Guacimal-Santa Elena route


To our neighbors, transporters, tourists and others who visit or live in the community of Monteverde, we share the schedules for the next few weeks to allow passage when the Raasa Company will be working on the 606 Guacimal-Monteverde Route. Please take this into consideration for an efficient planning and to avoid too many drawbacks

*Remember you can use the alternate route through Las Juntas.


   For more information visit the FB page of Foro de Monteverde 


Sunday May 11th 2014 
9 a.m. | 9k | Monteverde | �10.000


In Ocotea Tours & Transfers we are very excited to be a sponsor of the 6th Edition of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Run, which will be held this next Sunday May 11th, 2014 at 9:00am.


Description: Monteverde Cloud Forest Race is a unique event for the biodiversity and climate characteristics of Santa Elena and its surroundings. For this sixth edition of the race, there will be a new tour of 9k (11k in the past races), combining gravel, mountain trails through the beautiful forest, and some asphalt.


Entry fee: �10.000 which includes T-shirt, medal, hydration, insurance and raffles. You can pay your entry fee in the following  stores: On the Road (Pavas and Curridabat), Runners (Pavas  and Curridabat) Deportes Tib�s, Centro Sport (Second Avenue) and Deportes Andrey (Monteverde).

*Space is limited to 400 runners.

For more information go to the FB page of Asociaci�n Carrera Bosque Nuboso

Monthly Campaign for Creeks  Cleanup


join the initiative of the Municipal Council of the Monteverde District to clean the surrounding creeks of the neighborhoods in our district. This third date for the campaign has been updated and will now be held this coming May 30th



For more information: Milena Ram�rez at 2645-6909 or at 


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