In relation to the 'World Tourism Day' celebrated on September 27th and as part of our efforts in sustainability policies and programs, we invite you to be a responsible tourist and take actions that contribute to the conservation of nature and its resources, as well as the welfare and development of the community you visit. Learn more at Be a responsible tourist.

You will have a unique and educational experience on how to make cheese, as well as to participate in the process of herding and milking cows and feeding calves and piglets with bottles. Read more...
Hanging Bridges Tour
Join us for a walk in the clouds and enjoy of the peace and harmony in the magical cloud forest of Monteverde

World Tourism Day 2014 (September 27th)


We celebrated the World Tourism Day (WTD)under the 2014 theme: Tourism and Community Development. The purpose of this day is a global observance to highlight tourism's social, cultural, political and economic value.

We invite your to visit us in Monteverde and to be part of the actions that benefit our communities through tourism as a means to sustainable development.

Fam Trips - September 2014


In the month of September we organized two dates for Fam Trips, which leave us an enriching experience of the day to day work and actions in our community in Monteverde.
With excellent evaluations and satisfaction, we thank the Travel Agencies who trusted us with their agents, and to them for their everyday participation and support that generate sales and new growth opportunities.
This activity was carried out with the support of local businesses such as: Sabor Tico Restaurant, Monteverde Community Fund, Children's Eternal Rainforest, El Establo Hotel, Fonda Vela Hotel, Farmer's Market, CCT (Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve), Tour guides (Picado Bernal, Juan Carlos Calvo & Oscar Fennell), Cabur� Restaurant, Victorino Molina (Bellbird Biological Corridor Project), Guillermo Vargas (Finca Life), Don Luis Restaurant and the Butterfly Garden.
We look forward to your participation in future activities.


Ocotea Tours & Transfers

Check out our albums 1 Fam Trip set 2014 or 2 Fam Trip set 2014


Costa Rica's Biologist Day (October 4th)


Ocotea Tours & Transfers congratulates and recognizes Costa Rica's biologists for their support in the development of biology and its cognate sciences to an ecological, scientific and environmentally sustainable development. We specially recognice and thank the biologist Priscilla Hernandez Hurtado for her collaboration in our company's projects.
Widening of the Guacimal-Santa Elena route


To our neighbors, transporters, tourists and others who visit or live in the community of Monteverde, we share a message from La C�mara de Turismo de Monteverde, regarding the works on the 606 Guacimal-Monteverde Route. Please take this into consideration for an efficient planning and to avoid too many drawbacks.

*Remember you can use the alternate route through Las Juntas.  


Maps for Wildlife Crossings in Monteverde



The Comisi�n Pasos de Fauna Monteverde in colaboration with the CIEE-SE (Council on International Educational Exchange) are working on new objectives. 


The use of TRAP CAMERAS and SIG (Geographic Information Systems) are going to create MAPS about the habitat and the existing wildlife crossings in the area of Monteverde, and demonstrate that they join a larger chain of BIOLOGICAL CORRIDORS that connect habitats in the region.


This study will play an important role in the organization of future WILDLIFE CROSSINGS projects, showing the current habitat conditions and the use of these crossings by the wildlife!

Concert in Monteverde


We extend this invitation to the FREE concert with the Ensamble de Percusi�n of the UNED this Saturday, October 18th at 6:00pm in the former Santa Elena Church.

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