A new tour to enjoy and experience in Monteverde

The new 'Farmers's Market tour' is held at the Monteverde Square Mall, located in downtown Santa Elena. The farmer's market began in 2006, in order to provide producers, artisans and farmers, a place to sell high quality products at a very affordable price. During this activity, you will experience shopping at a farmers market, as well as enjoying the local culture and cuisine.    

This tour brings together three key aspects: recovering the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy through the sale of local products, providing a meeting place for neighbors and friends, and collaborating in the invaluable development of the Monteverde community.

This tour includes an option to choose between: a Typical Dance, a Masquerade performance or the Marimba (see video); plus a presentation by the elderly group 'Rainbow of Life'.
Schedule: EVERY SATURDAY from 6:00 am to 1o:00 am.

 2014 Indigenous School Campaing


Ocotea Tours & Transfers is pleased to announce that the 2014 Indigenous School Campaign with support of the Foundation for Cultural, Social and Environmental Development of Costa Rican Indigenous Ethnic Groups (FUNDEICO) was a success. Various companies and people in the community of Monteverde joined efforts and their good heart to make their donations, among them shirts, caps, notebooks, crayons, new and used uniforms, as well as cash and some toys. 


Our staff will be doing a formal delivery of the donations in the Talamanca region on February 22nd and 23rd. Ocotea Tours & Transfers appreciates the solidarity of those who came to deliver their donations to support and aid these indigenous communities.


Children's Eternal Rainforest Tour
Did you know that the Children's Eternal Rainforest (BEN) protects more biodiversity that most of the places on Earth? Among them 154 species of amphibians and reptiles, 121 species of mammals, 450 bird species, 3,000 different types of plants, including 800 species of trees and 500 species of orchids and 1 million species of insects.
Trainforest Tour
Immerse yourself in the stunning Cloud Forest in a comfortable and effortless way. In the Monteverde Trainforest Tour, a miniature antique train will take you on a unique journey through bridges and a tunnel while you enjoy the beauty of the forest and views to the Arenal Lake and Volcano. Read more.

Orlando Mor�n

Orlando Mor�n is another naturalist guide and he explains how his interest for nature began and his work as a tourist guide:


"As a child I felt deep admiration and curiosity about nature.  I grew up in a small country village in the province of Guanacaste and never needed more than the rivers and forests to have fun.

From the Jacques Cousteau and the National Geographic documentaries i learned to respect the environment, and unknowingly I took my first lessons in natural history.

I like to show others that a forest is not simply a set of trees, but a fascinating and diverse world that is hidden from most people."

-Orlando Mor�n

Training Programa for Internal Contributors 
On February 5th Ocotea Tours & Transfers held an induction on the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism & Culture and Idiosyncrasy of our clients, as part of its training program for Internal Contributors.

We had the participation of 14 people who play different roles in our company: tourist guides, drivers, the administrative staff and our sustainability department. During this working session essential elements of the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST) were analyzed to identify actions that can be performed from our various roles within the company. As part of the speech on culture and idiosyncrasy of our clients, general information about the countries of origin and particular aspects related to the idiosyncrasies of our visitors were analyzed, in order to meet their requirements and preferences on the service we provide.


We also had the opportunity to share a delicious coffee and snacks, to start the year with great motivation to work and implement sustainable practices

Did you know that the first article of the Environmental Organic Law provides tools to Costa Ricans and the State to ensure a healthy and ecologically balanced environment? 
This is why Ocotea Tours & Transfers recommends avoiding (direct or indirect) artificial feeding of wild animals observed during your visit. The artificially supplied food may not have the nutrients that wild animals need, as they require a variety of foods as part of their diet. 
Quetzals in Monteverde
During these days, quetzals have been spotted in the parking area in front of the Reception of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. There is a Fiddlewood tree with ripe fruit where they come to eat between 6:00am and 7:30am. Come enjoy and watch these spectacular birds!

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