6th Edition

Sunday May 11th, 2014  9 a.m. | 9k | Monteverde | �10.000


In Ocotea Tours & Transfers we are very excited to be a sponsor of the 6th Edition of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Run, which will be held this next Sunday May 11th, 2014 at 9:00am.


Description: Monteverde Cloud Forest Race is a unique event for the biodiversity and climate characteristics of Santa Elena and its surroundings. For this sixth edition of the race, there will be a new tour of 9k (11k in the past races), combining gravel, mountain trails through the beautiful forest, and some asphalt. 

Entry fee
: � 10,000 which includes T-shirt, medal, hydration, insurance and raffles. You can pay your entry fee in the following  stores: On the Road (Pavas and Curridabat), Runners (Pavas  and Curridabat) Deportes Tib�s, Centro Sport (Second Avenue) and Deportes Andrey (Monteverde).  * Space is limited to 400 runners.


More info at 8986-5917 or 8399-8873 or visit the FB page Cloud Forest Run Association


MonteVERDE is filling with COLOR



Starts one of the most active seasons on plant flourish and bird reproduction in Monteverde. Enjoy the beauty of this season in our hiking and bird watching tours. You will be amazed with the natural wonders of this paradise. Read more...


Internal Training Program for Internal Colaborators


On March 4th of this year, Ocotea Tours & Transfers conducted an induction on caring of people with physical limitations, as part of its internal training program for contributors. This activity aimed to raise awareness among the administrative staff about the different types of disabilities that people may have, as well as recommendations for the appropriate interaction.


In addition, we analyzed the company's policy on equal opportunities for people with special needs going over the company's efforts when transferring and guiding tourists. The event concluded with a review of national and international legislation on the subject, as well as an analysis of the video How to deal with people with limitations in an emergency? which was broadcasted on 'Nexos' in Channel 15 of the UCR (University of Costa Rica).

From this activity on, we are planning a more in-depth approach in the month of May, for our tourist guides and drivers. We encourage you to be aware of this information.


On March 6th, 2014 we carried out an induction addressed to the administrative staff on the Law Against Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and in Education. During this activity, we had the opportunity to learn the meaning of sexual harassment, its manifestations and aspects related to the prevention, prohibition and penalties specified in the Act. We also discuss the responsibilities of the company in this subject, analyzing the company's policy against harassment and / or sexual abuse in their activities, as well as the complaint protocol established by Ocotea Tours & Transfers.



Earth Hour



In Ocotea Tours & Transfers we extended a respectful invitation for everyone to join us in the planetary activity 'EARTH HOUR' held this Saturday March 29th at 8:30 p.m.


During this hour, we turned off lights and electrical appliances, as a sign of concern about climate change, to support the search for solutions to this challenge, and the adoption of sustainable lifestyles.

Battle of Rivas (April 11th, 1856)



Why does it occur?

After losing the Battle of Santa Rosa on March 20th, 1856, the filibusters led by William Walker Walker went to the city of Rivas in Nicaragua. Their purpose was to take over the inn, which was a strategic point from where they intended to make a surprise attack on the Costa Rican army, and to take president Mora as prisoner.


What happened on April 11th, 1856? 

On April 11th, 1856 there was a second confrontation between the army of Costa Rica and the filibusters and fortunately the Costa Rican army stopped them to accomplishing their mission.



The Costa Rican army planned to burn the inn, and with the help of Juan Santamar�a, a drummer from Alajuela, they succeeded and the filibusters finally left.

Once that battle ended, the Costa Rican soldiers returned home due to a 'cholera' epidemic that caused the death of many compatriots.

At the end of December of that same year, the Costa Rican army with the support of the British, took control of R�o San Juan, and prevented the filibusters from receiving reinforcements. In May 1860, William Walker was shot dead in Trujillo, Honduras.

Costa Rica suffered important human and economic losses as a result to the Battles of Santa Rosa and Rivas. However, freedom, peace and sovereignty was defended with honor.

World Migratory Bird Day (April 10-11th)



World Migratory Bird Day is an annual awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the protection of migratory birds and their habitats
With the theme "Destination Flyways: Migratory Birds and Tourism", World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2014 will highlight the links between migratory bird conservation, local community development and wildlife watching tourism around the world.


Municipal District Council Announcement
The Municipal District Council for Monteverde in conjunction with the
Monteverde Road Commission, communicate the start of the widening of the Guacimal-Santa Elena route.


As of this week, more equipment and machinery will be arriving and will be making transit stops for up to 30 minutes.


We are asked for our understanding and support during the completion of the road, and also to spread the word on this matter to both local and tourists so that everyone is informed.


You can see more information and check the progress of this project on the official Facebook page of Monteverde Forum.

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