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February 2019 Newsletter


Welcome to the monthly news for February, 2019--there are many ways for you to connect with God and with our neighbors at LCOC and beyond.  You are invited to share this news with new neighbors and others who may be interested in hearing what God is doing through the people and ministry of LCOC. Also bring others to come and be a part of these various ministry opportunities!  


Pastor Darcy

them to go after God, who piles on all the riches we could ever manage-to do good, to be rich in helping others, to be extravagantly generous. If they do that, they'll build a treasury that will last, gaining life that is truly life. (
1 Timothy 6:17-19 The Message (MSG)

On Epiphany Sunday, each person received a "Star Word". The invitation of this "gift" is to  reflect on the significance this word might have in your life, and how God might be speaking to you through this simple message throughout the upcoming year. There are additional star words available in the entrance hallway.

The word that I received was "giving" which I have placed on my refrigerator as a daily reminder. I am curious how God is going to lead me with this word in 2019. Some of the questions that this word has invited me into are:
  • How does God guide my giving?
  • What makes giving easy or hard?
  • Why do I give? To what do I give?
  • What holds me back from giving?
  • What is it like when I give more than I previously thought possible?
  • How do I want to grow in my giving this year?
  • How does giving open me up to God and to my neighbor?
  • How can I give more freely and joyfully in the coming year?
  • What is it like to be on the receiving end of the "giving"?
  • How do I receive and share the gift of God's love?
What questions do you connect with from this list? What questions would you add?

I give thanks that God invites us into a journey of generosity. While we are each at a different place in this journey, God calls us into a life of giving to contribute to building up the body of Christ at LCOC and to further God's kingdom through the LCOC ministry. The LCOC ministry has been possible these past 50 years because of the generosity of God and the giving and generosity of all who have been a part of this community of faith. This gives me confidence and excitement to be a part of what the generosity of God, you, and of all those who are yet to be a part of the LCOC family will make happen in the next 50 years of ministry beginning with 2019.

What is your "Star Word"? What is God revealing to you through this word?

Acting Council President

As we start this new year, we have a lot of exciting events coming up at LCOC: The Chili Cookoff, Rise Against Hunger (which last year with God's help and help from the community packed over 32,000 meals), Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, Pancake Supper, Lenten soup suppers, Youth Spaghetti Dinner, and 50th Anniversary service and luncheon with our Bishop, just to name a few.

Last year LCOC and its community partners directly impacted almost 40,000 lives. You say 40,000 lives-how is that possible? Consider that in addition to the 32,000 meals provided for Rise Against Hunger, our summer and year-long food drives for ACTS provided over 7,000 pounds of food to local families, and the 105 backpacks given to Neabsco Elementary children not only gave the children needed supplies, but also helped their parents. This list of effects from our ministries goes on and on. How many lives were impacted indirectly we will never know.
In 25 years of marriage my wife has gotten me to go to events I was less than enthusiastic about, but most times I ended up really enjoying going and participating. I'm sure most of you, especially husbands, can understand what I am talking about. Think about times like those when opportunities for ministries and outreach come up at LCOC, and instead of hesitating, step up and join in.
God has blessed LCOC so much over the last 50 years and He is continuing to provide opportunities to praise and honor Him by serving in the community. Let's step up and accept His challenge to love our neighbor and participate in helping share the Good News.
In Christ,
Randy Beattie

to worship God and fellowship with the community

We are in the season of Epiphany - celebrating the revealing of Jesus to the wise men. There is another meaning to epiphany - an ah-ha moment, a sudden realization/understanding of something.  Maybe we can use this season to have a worship ah-ha moment.  Perhaps you will have an ah-ha moment in realizing how you can add to the worship service.  There are many ways - Usher, Reader, Offering Counter, Communion Preparer, Communion Assistant, Acolyte, Choir Member, Altar Guild and Assisting Minister.  If you would like to serve in any of these capacities, please speak with a member of the worship committee - Gudrun Adams (acolytes), Fay Yentsch (communion assistants and assisting ministers), Susie Rush (altar guild), Diane DeGroodt (offering counters), Jon Schilder (ushers), Kurt Hoffman and Rene Milam (choir and special music), Harriet Richard, Phil Overholt, Sonya Wichelt or Pastor Darcy.  We will be happy to answer your questions, listen to your ideas, and connect you with ways to serve in worship.

You are invited to a special midweek service 
February 20th
Taizé Prayer Service - 7 pm

This simple, short, contemplative service offers a quiet time to connect with God. It is based on the worship from the Taiz é            community in France.  Click here for more details.                                                                                

Prayer Breakfast
Men's Prayer Breakfast

 Striving each week to look to the past, present and future watching and waiting for the return of our savior.  The next Prayer breakfast is scheduled for February 9th.  Please join us.

LCOC Prayer Garden
Community Prayer Group
The LCOC community prayer group meets the seco nd Saturday of each month from 7:30 am to 9 am in the Work Room. We share prayers of concern and numerous praises along with a strong cup of coffee. We offer this time to the community and congregation to join us for prayer, openly or privately. We will meet again on September 8th at 7:30 am.

Matt. 21:13 - my house will be called a house of prayer,.....

in our relationship with God through prayer, Bible Study, and service

In this study Adam Hamilton helps us to address the questions that many of us have about Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism and compares the beliefs of each of these religions with Christianity. These sessions will help us to build bridges with others, seek peace in the world, love our neighbors and find positive ways to share the gospel.
Books are $13 - email to order

Feb 3
Christianity and other Religions: Hinduism
Feb 10
Christianity and other Religions: Buddhism
Feb 17
Christianity and other Religions: Judaism
Feb 24
Christianity and other Religions: Islam
Mar 3
Christianity and other Religions: Christianity

Take a look at our web site
God's Good News of Radical Grace

This year most of the Gospel readings on Sundays will be from the Gospel of Luke.   All are welcome to come and explore  the Gospel of Luke!   No previous experience required! 


You are invited to come and grow in faith 
through the Sunday learning opportunities 
for all ages at 9:45 am!  
Bring your friends and neighbors!

Youth Group

Mark your calendars for the 
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Super
                             March 5th

of our resources, time, and talents in response to 
God's extravagant generosity towards us




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Good shop:  Support Lutheran Church of the Covenant when you search the Web at or shop online with    GoodShop

Thank you also for your generosity in your financial commitment and consider using the Vanco option which can be accessed online at:   VANCO Giving Link    

Please consider becoming a Thrivent member as well and if you already are a member and use Thrivent products, make use of the Action Team funds that are available to help fund LCOC's ministry projects. This seed money really makes a difference and helps us increase the scope of our service projects. 

forth to serve others and share the story of God's love for all

Evangelism is defined as the spreading of the gospel by public preaching or personal witness. We are often terrified by that thought or feel it is mostly for pastors and missionaries. The Great Commission was not given simply to pastors and missionaries, but to all of us who have received God's grace and salvation.

Our witness takes many forms- the words and stories we share of what God has done in our lives and how much He loves every one of us; the testimony we give by how we live our lives; and how well we follow His commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. How can each of us accomplish this?
● By praying each day that God will lead us to say and do things that touch the lives of those we meet in a way that shows His love.
● By inviting others to be blessed by attending services and outreach events at LCOC.
● By seeking opportunities to serve in the ministries here.

We often talk about stewardship of our financial resources and rightfully so, but God is also calling us to be stewards of our time and talents. There are many things vying for our time and attention in this fast-paced world so it is easy to feel overwhelmed, but time spent in service brings blessings not only to those served, but to those who serve. Fear and uncertainty often creep in too, causing us to doubt our ability to make a difference or do certain things. Working with our brothers and sisters at LCOC as a team will conquer that.

In 2019 we will not just be celebrating 50 years of blessings and miracles at LCOC. In addition to the special services and times of fellowship looking back at 50 years, there will be opportunities both familiar and new to reach out, connect, and serve. A big part of celebrating the past is using it as an inspiration to accomplish even more in the present and into the future. Our New Connections Campaign will begin soon and in addition to ways to give generously financially towards expanding LCOC's ministry, it will include all the ways we can invite and actively engage at least 50 new people over the next couple of years. Distributing New Neighbor welcome kits which has already begun, getting out into the community with I Walk for ACTS, and many other opportunities will be available for YOU to help us make new connections and combine evangelism and stewardship by living and giving generously to God's work.

So, take some time to consider these questions and please contact me (at 703-200-3077) or other council members with ideas, concerns, and to join in.
● Who can you invite?
● What ministry teams can you make a difference with?
● How are you seeking God's path to best use your time AND grow your talents?

With love in service,

Patti Beattie

Meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 9 am       

Treasurers Report

February  Treasurer's Report
This month at a glance

Mark your calendar for 2019
LCOC 50th anniversary celebrations

June 2nd - Worship Celebration/lunch - Bishop Graham guest preacher

Nov 24th  - Moving forward in Mission Celebration Brunch
The initial planning team includes:  Roger and Jo Ann Rudy, Mel Bellinger, Diane DeGroodt, Patti Beattie, Pastor Darcy

Stay tuned for more details and for ways to be involved in the planning for this special year!


                          3 Britt P                          
                          4 Michael A  
                          5 Coy A                             
                          7 Nathan E
                          8 Julie Anne H            
                        12 John K                            
                        13 Jonathan S                     
                        13 Jennifer S                      
                        14 Tilli S                              
                        14 Winston W                     
                        15 Arianna R                      
                        17 Katie P                      
                        22 Brian R                         
                        22 DeLoris B                   
                        24 James B                         
                        28 Mel B

                                     14 David & Denise W  

Baptism Anniversaries
                                            Clara C
                                            Michael E
                                            Amy M                          
                                            James O 
                                            Kaley P                                                 
                                            Kassidy R                
                                            Sydney R                
                                            Tilli S                                                     
                                            Sarah S                
                                            Nicole S
                                            Angela Z
Homebound Members
Ruth J.
Jean J.
Mary S.
Virginia S.
Linda S.
Members in the Military
Tyler R.
Tom M.
Ryan L.
Samuel B.

Please remember to keep our service members and their families in your prayers as they serve our country. If you have someone to add to this list, please contact the office.

Flower Calendar
The altar flowers for this month are given to the glory of God and contributed by:

February 3
Liela Onorato in celebration of Nick & Emily's birthday .
The Adams family in celebration of Coy & Michael's birthday.

February 17
The Rosenquist family in celebration of Jared's birthday.
The Bellinger family in celebration of Deloris & Melvin's birthday.

Kids Page

We are fortunate to be able to use our gifts that God has provided us through a variety of ways.   When we choose to give our time, energy and talents to serve others, we are taking part in God's work to share the love of Christ and give God glory.  With God working in us and through us, we can make a difference!

Thank you, LCOC!

Many thanks to Pastor Darcy and everyone for their prayers, get well wishes and continued support during Coy's recovery from knee replacement surgery.  We are truly blessed to be part of the caring and loving LCOC family.
 Coy and Gudrun Adams

2019 Ministry at LCOC

Check out what God has been up to at LCOC

Project Mend-A House  
Congratulations Ralph and Bob for being recognized as Volunteers of the Year!  Thank you for the time and talents you share to build up the community!

Would you like to participate in the next project? 

OTLWB Book Club
The next book club meeting is February 11th at 12:30 pm
The books being covered will include:
Varina b y Chares Frazier and The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.

If you would like more information, 
please see Sandy S. or Diane D.
Prayer Opportunities

              Prayer List Ministry                 

Prayer Chain Ministry: 
Please send an email to 
or call the Prayer Chain Lead at 571-210-1979      
 Free Ceaseless Prayer App: 

In Nature

In Nature Article for  Febr uary

Happy 50th Anniversary LCOC!

In 1965, the national American Lutheran Church, through its mission committee started a "package mission church program" of constructing a building and hiring a pastor before the "new" congregation was organized. The idea was: 1) to let new congregations concentrate on worship and service rather than construction of facilities; 2) to be concerned about a mission rather than financial survival; 3) to look outward rather than inward; 4) to let the new congregation determine its' mission on these times (1960s).

Lutheran Church of the Covenant's History and Display Board Team (Mel Bellinger, Mark and Kathy Lamboni, Brian Richard, Tricia Schilder, and Roger Rudy) has been busy working on the first ten years of our church's ministry. Please take some time to peruse the Display Board (in the Upper Fellowship Hall) which depicts major events during that first decade.

Did you know . . .?
  • LCOC's first VBS was held in conjunction with Good Shepherd United Methodist ('70)
  • Budget for 1972 was 26,517 ('70)
  • 30 Church School Teachers and Assistants (117 children enrolled for Sunday Morning and 91 enrolled for Thursday evening) ('72)
  • Harvesters, a youth performance group was organized ('73)
  • Fire damaged LCOC ('75)
  • Worship services and SS held at Neabsco Elementary School ('75)
  • Purchased Covenant House for use by SS and Church Offices ('75)
  • Congregation approves building expansion program ('77)

Save the date:  
Mission trip to North Carolina 
for Hurricane Florence Relief
July 7-13, 2019

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