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November 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the November monthly news highlighting what God is up to at LCOC! You are invited to share this news with new neighbors and others who may be interested in hearing what God is doing through the people and ministry of LCOC. Also bring others to come and be a part of these various ministry opportunities!


Pastor Darcy
Don't fear, because I am with you; Don't be afraid, for I am your God. I will strengthen you,
I will surely help you; I will hold you with my righteous strong hand. (Isaiah 41:10)
This fall, the education series has focused on the book Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times, by Adam Hamilton. We have engaged in a conversation about fear - understanding what it is, how it can be helpful and how to move through fear.

I give thanks for the openness, reflections, questions, and sharing that has occurred during these sessions. While I appreciate that the Bible repeats the words "Do not be afraid", the reality is that we each experience fear at different times and in different ways. I also appreciate that Hamilton offers us tools to move through fear and says, "Living unafraid, then, is not to live without fear; it is to live without being controlled and consumed by fear. It is to fear the right things and to allow appropriate fear to motivate us to action".

So, what can we do with our fears? One tool that Hamilton offers to move through fear is to cultivate gratitude. This is especially appropriate this month as we celebrate Thanksgiving, the 2018 ministry at LCOC and look forward to the ministry opportunities in 2019. We will have some intentional time to give thanks during our annual meeting on November 11 and during the gratitude brunch on November 18th. For what are you grateful?

I echo the words of Paul as I think of you:

2-5 Every time we think of you, we thank God for you. Day and night you're in our prayers as we call to mind your work of faith, your labor of love, and your patience of hope in following our Master, Jesus Christ, before God our Father. It is clear to us, friends, that God not only loves you very much but also has put his hand on you for something special. When the Message we preached came to you, it wasn't just words. Something happened in you. The Holy Spirit put steel in your convictions. (1Thessalonians 1:2-5, The Message)


Council President

Sharing in God's Mission 
at Lutheran Church of the Covenant

Dear brothers-and -sisters-in-Christ ~

2 Corinthians 8:1-15 ~ In the clearest explanation and call for generosity in the entire Bible, Paul appeals to one single motive for giving: the grace of God in Christ. Christians don't give because they are commanded to or because if frees one's life from materialism. Christians give because they know that God has given everything to redeem them from the penalty of sin and death - giving his own Son as a ransom for all humanity. That grace, the free gift given by God through Jesus, is the motivation for all Christian giving. Jesus said that those who are forgiven much also forgive much. The same applies for generosity; those who have been given much, must give generously in return.

The way we treat others and handle our material possessions speaks volumes about our belief in the gospel and our commitment to God's mission. Second Corinthians 8-9 is written to members of the church in Corinth who, at one time, had responded favorably to helping others, but had not yet "put their money where their mouth is". So, Paul tells them about another church in their region, the Macedonian church that responded generously and joyfully to the needs of others while in a difficult time of their own.

Here, Paul addresses the very question so many of us ask about our giving: How much is enough? Notice Paul's aim in relation to their giving. He is not trying to raise a large amount of money by inciting competition between churches and believers. Instead, he does not even mention the actual amount the Macedonians give to show that the amount does not matter, only the spirit behind the giving.

Joyfulness and a willingness of attitude are the markers for how much Paul is calling the church in Corinth to give and those are the same measures for us today. If we give joyfully and willingly then God will be glorified no matter the means that we find ourselves with. Paul says that we should give of what we have, not what we don't have. Paul shares four principles of giving in these Corinthian verses: your willingness to give cheerfully is more important than the amount you give; you should strive to fulfill your financial commitments; if you give to others in need, they will, in turn, help you when you are in need; you should give as a response to Christ, not for anything you can get out of it. How you give reflects your devotion to Christ!

Please know that I will continue to pray for all of you, and I ask that you pray daily for all your brothers and sisters here at LCOC and that we are carrying out God's will for us in this place, in the community, and in the world. I ask that if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, comments, etc. that you feel free to talk to me (in person, by phone (703-670-8365), or through email But more than anything, I ask that we all remember never to limit what God can do through us in carrying out our mutual missions!

May God continue to bless us all as we share how important being a part of a Christian community is to our daily walk with Jesus and with one another.

Jo Ann Rudy

to worship God and fellowship with the community

All Saints Day
Sunday November 4.
We will remember loved ones who have died since November 4, 2017. The names will be read during the service and a bell will toll for each loved one remembered. Please sign up on the bulletin board or email your name and the loved ones name and relationship to you to the church office

Sunday, November 25th

A special worship celebration of Christ's Reign in the seasons of the church year through hymns, scripture, and readings.

Prayer Breakfast
Men's Prayer Breakfast
November 2018

Devotions -Lloyd Lyngdal
Food - Mark Gimmi

The next Prayer breakfast is scheduled for November 10th.
Please join us.

LCOC Prayer Garden
Community Prayer Group
The LCOC community prayer group meets the seco nd Saturday of each month from 7:30 am to 9 am in the Work Room. We share prayers of concern and numerous praises along with a strong cup of coffee. We offer this time to the community and congregation to join us for prayer, openly or privately. We will meet again on September 8th at 7:30 am.

Matt. 21:13 - my house will be called a house of prayer,.....

in our relationship with God through prayer, Bible Study, and service

November 4 and 11th:
Topics Include:
Change, Missing Out, and Finances, 
Aging, Illness, Dying, and Fear of the Lord
November 18:  Gratitude Brunch
November 25:  No Education session



All are welcome to come and explore 
the Book of Romans!  
No previous experience required! 


In the Grade School class Bailey and Ms. Stacey continue to discuss how to live "Unafraid" through courage, hope, peace, love, and faith.

In the Confirmation class, Ms Diane has just one confirmation student this year, Troy Sweatman. He is a very diligent pupil, eager to learn, and a joy to teach. They started the year by discussing the Bible in general, and are now covering some of the more familiar stories in the book of Genesis. The curriculum, "Here We Stand", has also been connecting these stories with the articles of the Apostle's Creed.

The High School class with 'Uncle' Mike and Ms Kristi continues to follow the "Unafraid" curriculum and has discussed our need to be engaged and understand the relevance of how failure, disappointment and loneliness can affect our lives; the impact of peer pressure on these topics; why we should not be afraid to take risks.
They also discussed what happens when we fail, don't please others and feel alone, and how our support of ACTS, and the Neabsco ES demonstrate God's love to those who fear failure or loneliness

Thanks, Wilbur

Youth Group

Time to clean out your closets,
attics, and basements! 

We need your clothes, knick knacks, toys, books, furniture, and more.

We will accept donations on November 7-9 (Wednesday-Friday) from 6-8 pm.

We also need volunteers to assist with the setup on Friday at 6:00 pm and with the event on Saturday at 7:30 am.

of our resources, time, and talents in response to 
God's extravagant generosity towards us




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forth to serve others and share the story of God's love for all
Nov 18th
Thanksgiving Gratitude Brunch
The Thrivent Action Team is looking forward to seeing ALL of you, along with your friends and guests, on November 18th. We have a Thrivent Action Team grant for the main entrees and set up, and are looking forward to sharing all the delicious side dishes that you will bring (no better food around than that of the LCOC family).
  Please sign up in the narthex. Also, please bring non-perishable food items to share with our community partner ACTS for their hunger prevention center.              

Save the date:  
Mission trip
July 7-13, 2019

Treasurers Report

This month at a glance

Mark your calendar for 2019
LCOC 50th anniversary celebrations

January 20th-  Kick off brunch at 9:45

June 2nd - Worship Celebration/lunch - Bishop Graham guest preacher

Nov 24th  - Moving forward in Mission Celebration Brunch
The initial planning team includes:  Roger and Jo Ann Rudy, Mel Bellinger, Diane DeGroodt, Patti Beattie, Pastor Darcy

Stay tuned for more details and for ways to be involved in the planning for this special year!

Happy Birthday to you!
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Happy Anniversary

John & Tricia S.
November 9, 1985

Ray & Cindi S.
November 26, 1993
Baptism Anniversaries
Joshua O.
Lucas S.
Bailey Z.

Homebound Members
Ruth J.
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New Address for Ruth J:
Harbor Chase
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Members in the Military
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Please remember to keep our service members and their families in your prayers as they serve our country. If you have someone to add to this list, please contact the office.

Flower Calendar
The altar flowers for this month are given to the glory of God and contributed by:

November 4
The Rudy family in memory of  Roger's  mom,Freda R.

Liela O. in memory of her parents Helen and Gunnar H.  

November 11
Roger & Sonya W. Glory to God

Rita K. in celebration of Michael's birthday

November 18
Rose family, in thanksgiving

November 25
Tilli Smith in memory of her mother, husband and brother

The Rudy family in honor of Roger's brother, Carroll R.

Kids Page

We are fortunate to be able to use our gifts that God has provided us through a variety of ways.   When we choose to give our time, energy and talents to serve others, we are taking part in God's work to share the love of Christ and give God glory.  With God working in us and through us, we can make a difference!

Caring for LCOC

          As you walk through the different areas of LCOC, you will see signs that indicate what is expected when you are using our wonderful church. These are not only for non-members who meet in our facility for a lot of reasons, but for all of us who use the space regularly or only occasionally. Please help us keep our church clean and in order for all! Thanks!

In the Community
An Interfaith Celebration of Thanksgiving
Pastor Darcy will offer 
the opening invocation!
Tuesday, November 20
7-8:15 pm
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-Day Saints
3718 Old Bridge Rd., Lake Ridge, VA
Questions: 202-423-1872



Fall Festival
October 27, 2018



2018 Volunteers of the Year
Project Mend-A House  
Congratulations Ralph and Bob for being recognized as Volunteers of the Year!  Thank you for the time and talents you share to build up the community!

Would you like to participate in the next project? 

contact Ralph M.

OTLWB Book Club

November 17th at 12:30 pm:

The Death of Mrs. Westaway
Ruth Ware

If you would like more information, 
please see Sandy S. or Diane D.
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