February 6, 2021
Many of you showed an interest in my blog post on what I refer to as “our pandemic tree” and I have learned a lot from you about these Paulownia trees, particularly that they are very hardy. I hope you are right because, just as the rest of us, I think the tree has struggled a bit over this winter. Here’s an update. When we dug it up to move it, we discovered that the tap root had to be cut because it was wrapped around a buried drain pipe. The tree is completely bald as it dropped all its leaves in the fall but the few meager branches are pliable and I’m looking every day for the sign of new buds, just as we are all looking for signs of rebirth in this new year. Meanwhile, I’ve been watching my new friend who comes to check beneath the bird feeder each day.
I’m looking ahead, keeping safe and I hope you are, too. With much time spent inside these winter months, I am looking forward to sewing again. I didn’t realize how bad my eyesight was getting until I had cataract surgery. Everything now is so much brighter and I can thread needles again and see what I am sewing.

I am also looking forward to my next collection of fabrics but, unfortunately, it has been delayed and we will have to wait a little longer. While we wait, we have a new grand bundle to introduce and a look ahead at upcoming web specials. And, for those of you who are new to quilting and the Studio, we have a look back at how I got my start.
Introducing the Sonoran Spring Grand Bundle
To create my grand bundles, I like to start with a photograph. After a while, it becomes more difficult to find ones from which I can create a different, unique palette. As soon as I saw this one, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Sonoran Spring comes from a photograph taken by staff member, Nancy, while hiking through the desert near Phoenix, Arizona, one March morning just as the cactus were about to bloom. We may think of the desert as a barren landscape but spring brings an exhibition of vivid colors.
This new Grand Bundle displays the vivid yellows of the desert marigolds, the bright greens of the new foliage and the brilliant blues of the clear sky. You’ll also find the soft grays, tans and browns of the soil and rocks. In my color palettes, I don’t just use what is predictable but I like to sneak in an unexpected color and this landscape does the same. Notice the pink in the prickly pear cactus. You’ll find some pale pinks in this Grand Bundle, too.

I have created the Sonoran Spring grand bundle of 35 fabrics which is divided into five mini-bundles of seven fabrics each. Each month, we will put one of these mini-bundles on sale. Collect them all and you will have a wonderful palette of fabrics for any project. Mini-bundle #1 will be on sale later this month.

For more information on the Sonoran Spring Grand Bundle, click here.

For more information on how to create your own color palette from a photograph, click here.
Upcoming Weekly Web Specials
•   Designed as a Block of the Month in 2017, Moroccan Mystery is a beautiful quilt which teaches a number of valuable skills while you create it. Not only are we putting the fabric kits on sale but we also have the accompanying pattern, DVD, and preprinted templates (available separately) on sale.

•   Celebrate National Gumdrop Day, the third week in February, with this striking fat quarter or 1/2 yard bundle of 11 vibrant batiks.
•  The dazzling colors continue with my Piñata Table Runner featuring more of my Malam batiks guaranteed to brighten up any table.

•  The first mini-bundle of my new Sonoran Spring Grand Bundle will be on sale.
Get to Know Jinny Beyer
I have been very lucky to have been quilting, teaching, writing books and designing fabrics for quilters for more than forty years. This past year, while there have been many things I haven’t been able to do, the Studio continues to operate, as an Internet only business.

One positive we have found in the past several months is an influx of new quilters and others who have just “found” us. We welcome you all!

Since many of you are not familiar with me and my work, and so that you can get to know me better, I'm adding this new section to the newsletter each month. It will have information about my quilting, methods I use and questions I am frequently asked. One of the most common questions is, "How did you get into fabric designing?” So to start off this feature and answer that question, I’ve recently posted on my blog a little background information about how I got into designing fabric.
Video Lessons and More

Many of you have visited my YouTube video channel for video lessons on working with border prints, mystery quilts, and various quilting techniques. In addition to these videos, you can visit my website for even more lessons, both video and written, covering piecing, choosing fabrics, hand quilting and more.
You will find my YouTube channel here and make sure to hit "subscribe" so you don't miss a single lesson.

For additional quilting lessons, visit my “Tips and Lessons” page here.
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