June 5, 2021
After spending a year and a half here at home due to the pandemic, like many of you, I have been separated from family members. I am looking forward to finally getting to see my grandchildren, son and daughter and their spouses later this month. I cannot wait to hug them all.

As I leave here, also leaving the area will be the billions of Brood X cicadas which many of you have probably read about. Emerging from the ground every 17 years, these two-inch long creatures make a constant racket with their mating calls. Safe to eat, birds and pets love to eat them as evidenced by my dog, Luke. Even when he is inside, he longs for a “cicada snack” and stares out the window at them longingly.

This month, as we still wait for our new fabric to arrive, we look back at a fun-to-make and useful project, look ahead to our upcoming web specials (one inspired by the aforementioned cicadas) and I answer a non-quilt related question I am often asked.
Now Available - Downloadable Patterns
New to our website is the ability to purchase and download many of our patterns. When purchasing, simply select “Downloadable Pattern” and print the pattern yourself. Once the purchase is completed, you will have 7 days to download your pattern using the link you will receive via email. For our International and Canadian customers, this means a huge savings for you by avoiding shipping costs.

Some patterns, however, such as those with tissue-paper templates or those which previously appeared in magazines, are not available as downloadable patterns.

Click here to see all of our kits and patterns.
Revisiting the Diamond Chain Tote
If you usually shy away from making bags, we hope you will give this one a try.

This sturdy, versatile bag is a fun project suitable for quilters of all skill levels and just perfect for summer as many of us return to traveling. The tote features roomy pockets with zipper closures, a secret pocket and a zippered top closure to keep you organized when on the go.

The detailed pattern takes you through the construction step-by-step. No experience with zippers? Never fear — zipper instructions are written for those who have no zipper experience and there are lots of illustrations!
This tote comes in three beautiful colorways featuring my Malam batik fabrics. It finishes approximately 17″ tall, 16″ wide and 5″ deep. Notions Packs including zippers, interfacing, D-ring and Soft & Stable batting are available as part of the complete kit or separately.

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Upcoming Weekly Web Specials
•   We need the space so we are reducing the selection of the popular Aurifil thread we carry. Stock up during our Aurifil Thread Reduction Sale.

•   As we mentioned in the opening of the newsletter, we are enduring the invasion of billions of cicadas. We were inspired to ignore their creepiness and focus on their pretty colors that most of us fail to notice when putting together our Cicada Fat Quarter Bundle.

•   Make one of our Quilters Sidekicks and pick up Gold-Handled Scissors with a leather case as you hit the road this summer.

•   Select Border Print fabrics by the yard will be on sale.

•   Sonoran Spring mini-bundle #5 with earthy browns and greens will go on sale.
Get to Know Jinny Beyer
The Jade Bracelet

In every photo of you, I’ve noticed that you are always wearing the same green bracelet. Is there a story connected to it?

Yes, there is. In 1964, my husband, John, and I and our three-month-old baby left for the first adventure of our marriage to a faraway place called Sarawak. I had no idea where that was but it sounded exciting. He had a fellowship to do research for his PHD thesis and I had just finished my MA degree in special ed, with emphasis on teaching the deaf.

When we got to the capital, Kuching, I went to the department of education and told them I would like to volunteer to help in their school for the deaf. I was told that they didn’t have one, but were hoping to start one. To make a long story short, they gave me a classroom in a local school and two teachers to help.

We opened our school with 10 deaf children. They came from families that spoke five different languages but schools were taught in English because Sarawak was transitioning from an English colony to becoming a part of the Federation of Malaysia.
When our year was up, they gave me a going away party and one of the teachers gave me the jade bracelet as a gift. She said that her grandmother had brought two of them from China many years before and she wanted me to have one of them. She said that such bracelets are worn as a good luck symbol and never taken off and that it would protect me from harm and bring me a good life.

I have not taken it off since that night and I do feel it has protected me and helped me to make the right decisions in my life.
Video Lessons and More

Many of you have visited my YouTube video channel for video lessons on working with border prints, mystery quilts, and various quilting techniques. In addition to these videos, you can visit my website for even more lessons, both video and written, covering piecing, choosing fabrics, hand quilting and more.
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