April 3, 2021
When autumn arrives, I declare that fall is my favorite time of year...the beautiful colors, a crispness in the air. Then after a long winter, spring arrives and I say, “No, spring is my favorite season.” This year spring wins. After all we have gone through during the pandemic it is so refreshing to see the rebirth occurring before my eyes. The bluebells are once again giving that fabulous display of color, along the Potomac River where I walk. In my yard, trees are blossoming, lettuce, onions and peas are sprouting, birds are makings nests and, yes, my pandemic tree survived the move and is beginning to form buds.

I heaved a huge sigh as I received my second COVID-19 vaccination and am anxiously awaiting everyone else getting theirs when it is their turn so we can get back to our normal lives. There is more than a glimmer of hope and, as I watch spring unfold, I am energized.

In this month’s newsletter, we debut my new scrap quilt pattern along with a lesson on how to put your scraps and stash to good use. We also take a look back at one of our quilts which was recently a hit on social media plus we give you a peek at our upcoming web specials.
Desert Star
Along with our shaded fabric bundles we like to give you suggestions on what to do with these many bundles we carry such as our latest grand bundle, Sonoran Spring. Our new Desert Star pattern is written as an all-purpose scrap pattern for this group of fabrics or any of our shaded bundles. It would also work for groupings you've created with fabric from your stash which so many of us have turned to these days.

As I often do, I turned to our Quilters’ Block Library on our website to search for a perfect block to inspire my design. The Library has hundreds of FREE Block patterns. I chose the "Unknown Star" block as an inspiration for the Desert Star quilt pattern.
I enjoyed experimenting with different possibilities for fabric placement and hope you will, too. This pattern teaches you how to put many fabrics together into a beautiful color-balanced quilt without locking you into putting a certain fabric in an exact location.

For more information on the Desert Star pattern, click here.
Upcoming Web Specials
•   It’s time for spring cleaning around the Studio so watch for our closeout sale on select fat quarter bundles, notions and gift items.

•   Two dozen fabrics in gorgeous tropical colors will be available at truly irresistible prices.

•   We will have my mini-stripe fabrics with accompanying patterns discounted with links to several free patterns.

•   Sonoran Spring mini-bundle #3 with soft neutrals, yellows and a touch of green will go on sale.
Revisiting Migrations
Each spring here in Virginia, we are treated to the sound of songbirds as they migrate north along the Atlantic coast. With that in mind, we chose our unique Migrations quilt to revisit this month.

This foundation pieced table topper takes advantage of the illusions quilters can create. The quilt has only straight seams while giving the appearance of curves.

Featuring the batik fabrics from my Malam II collection, the four shaded colorways, Fire (reds), Fountain (blues), Forest (greens), and Frost (cool lights), would be a wonderful addition to your décor for this and all the other seasons.
Learn more about Migrations here.

If you would like an easy way to hang your Migrations quilt, click here to see our Quilt Shaper.
Getting to Know Jinny Beyer
I am often asked, “Why do you use so many fabrics in your quilts?”

Growing up, we had a scrap bag. While I didn’t start quilting until I was an adult, as a child I was always sewing something. I would look through the scraps searching for the right piece for various projects, including doll clothes, which I made by the dozens.
So naturally, in 1972, when I began my first quilt, a Grandmother’s Flower Garden, I automatically went to my scrap bag. I used scraps from that bag for my quilt and “organized” the scraps so that each flower would be a little different.

From that point on, I have loved making quilts with lots of different fabrics. To me, the more fabrics the better.

Visit my blog to learn how I organize scraps for my quilts and how I used this same method with more than 35 different fabrics in my new pattern, Desert Star pictured on the left.
Video Lessons and More

Many of you have visited my YouTube video channel for video lessons on working with border prints, mystery quilts, and various quilting techniques. In addition to these videos, you can visit my website for even more lessons, both video and written, covering piecing, choosing fabrics, hand quilting and more.
You will find my YouTube channel here and make sure to hit "subscribe" so you don't miss a single lesson.

For additional quilting lessons, visit my “Tips and Lessons” page here.
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