February 1, 2020
Heart to Heart quilt created with blocks from the Quilters' Block Library
This month's newsletter comes to you from the Studio staff. It is with great sadness that we pass along the following news. On January 16, Jinny's husband passed away after a brief illness. Jinny and John had been married for nearly 58 years. In those years, they traveled the world together while raising their three children.
We have been getting phone calls and emails the past few days asking why the Studio is not listed as one of the shops participating in the 2020 Quilters' Quest. In addition to running the Studio and her design work for RJR Fabrics, last fall Jinny signed on with Craftours to lead three exciting tours in the coming year. Even Jinny can't do everything and she decided to focus on her fabrics, designs, the Studio and the new adventures the tours will bring. 

We are sure you will understand if this month's newsletter is a bit brief. In the coming weeks we will bring you the promised border print lessons and quilt designs. We do, though, have a few things for you we know you'll find interesting.
Kyoto and Stellaris Videos Added to Our Website
Whether or not you plan to make these quilts, the videos for our last two mystery/block of the month quilts, Kyoto and Stellaris, are full of useful lessons and information. Some of the topics covered in Jinny's videos include how to work with color, hand piecing, inset and partial seams, how to piece multiple points, foundation piecing, making templates and using border prints not just on the outside of a quilt but in the blocks as well.  

To view these videos, simply visit the pages for the quilts, Kyoto and Stellaris, on our website.
Revisiting Stained Glass Star
Jinny had already been designing fabrics and quilts for more than a decade when, in 1990, her son, Darren, told her she needed a website and, for that website, she needed a logo. He told her she should create "one of those shaded designs." What Jinny came up with was Stained Glass Star which still serves as our logo today.  What she hadn't designed, though, at that point, was a Stained Glass Star quilt. After many queries from customers as to whether or not there was a pattern for the design, the quilt was born.

Stained Glass Star is an original design adapted from the traditional Rolling Star block pattern which you can find on our Quilters' Block Library. The quilt features Jinny's Palette fabrics shaded to create an amazing sense of depth. It uses simple shapes making it quite easy to piece.

To learn more about Stained Glass Star, click here.
Upcoming Web Specials
This week's Weekly Web Special introduced our latest Grand Bundle, Zinnias. With colors drawn from a photo of a butterfly landing on a brilliant zinnia flower, this bundle is full of warm tones and earthy neutrals. For future web
specials, now that the Kyoto videos are on our website, watch for the Kyoto kit to go on sale. And, for Valentine's Day, who needs roses when you can find luscious batiks on sale.

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