May 1, 2021
I don’t know if it is because we have a new appreciation for our gardens because we are spending more time at home but the spring flowers this year, at least here in this area, seem more beautiful than ever. Every week something new is blooming and this week it is the lilacs. As the redbuds begin to fade, the lilacs are in full bloom with their wonderful aroma all around.

As more and more of us become fully vaccinated, we look to this difficult time coming to an end. Much still needs to be resolved including supply chain issues which have kept quilt shops across the country from receiving new fabric. We are hoping to have shipments arriving next month.

In this month’s newsletter, we have information on products old and new, a peek at our upcoming web specials and a few words about the quilting process which I truly love.
Revisiting Catwalk

I designed Catwalk several years ago to feature my batik fabrics. Using the bright jewel tones, deep darks and soft pastels from Malam III, Catwalk takes on an amazing three-dimensional illusion. Large pieces are cut from strip sets which makes assembly quick and easy. We have kits available in two vibrant colorways, sorbet and plum, and two sizes, wall and queen.

Click here to learn about Catwalk.
Featured Product – New John James Signature Collection
I, along with my staff members, recently had the opportunity to try a new needle. John James needles have been reworked and their Signature Collection needles are now our preferred needles for the Studio. The finish on it makes it very easy to go through the fabric, the eye appears to be the same size as the shaft making it easier to pull through several stitches at a time and is surprisingly easy to thread. The new needle is sturdy enough to handle the abuse I give a needle without bending or breaking.
Needles are an important aspect of hand piecing and quilting. In this recent blog post, I explain what I look for in a needle and what I use for both piecing and quilting.

John James Signature Collection needles are available in small tubes with 25 needles per tube. Click here for more information on types and sizes we carry.
Upcoming Web Specials
•   Mother’s Day is around the corner. Treat someone special (or yourself) to a gift certificate with savings off the cost.

•   Ten fabrics in a range of colors we think would make great backings will be available at irresistible prices.

•   Spring cleaning continues with further reductions on the already-reduced fabrics and new additions to our sale bench.

•   Sonoran Spring mini-bundle #4 with greens from bright to dark and a bit of brown will go on sale.
Get to Know Jinny Beyer
It is no secret that when making a quilt, I do everything by hand from beginning to end. Many quilters focus on the creation of the quilt top and are stumped by what to do when they have it finished. I feel that the quilting should play as large a part as the rest of the process.

I am often asked how I choose a design for quilting and what I prefer to do. I have used so many different designs through the years and there are so many ways to answer this question. There are, though, basic designs I tend to use often. I traditionally use outline quilting where I stitch about ¼” away from the seams around each of the pieces in the quilt. I also like to follow the designs in the fabric. I use this technique most often with border prints.

Whatever design I choose, I find that the process is usually a wonderfully calming and peaceful time (unless I am quilting while watching a baseball game). I have my quilt on a frame in my family room and whether it is for a few minutes in the middle of the day or for an hour or two in the evening, it is always a special time.
Video Lessons and More

Many of you have visited my YouTube video channel for video lessons on working with border prints, mystery quilts, and various quilting techniques. In addition to these videos, you can visit my website for even more lessons, both video and written, covering piecing, choosing fabrics, hand quilting and more.
You will find my YouTube channel here and make sure to hit "subscribe" so you don't miss a single lesson.

For additional quilting lessons, visit my “Tips and Lessons” page here.
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