STEVEN BARRY KAPLAN, PRESIDENT JEWISH OUTREACH INTERNATIONAL (Atlanta, Georgia)-God bless you and thank you for supporting our ministry! I plan to spend most of November in the Tampa, Florida area with my family. Please pray!

TELEVISION OUTREACH-I contacted the local Interfaith Broadcasting Television station about airing “The Green Velvet Missionary” television program we taped. I have been trying for months, to no avail, to get something done? I went downtown to my annual doctor's appointment, and would you believe the television station was literally across the street from the doctor? So I popped into the station!

As I walked in the station, a woman was walking down the steps to use the bathroom. Would you believe it was the the woman I had been in contact with? We sat and talked a bit, and I think I know why nothing seems to be happening with the program. She turned out to be Jewish! Not only that, she told me she lived in Israel, and without a doubt, Arad! Please keep praying for the Lord's will. My friends Abraham & Sheila were in town and will try to get it aired in Pittsburgh, PA!

ORTHODOX OUTREACH-I went back to the Orthodox neighborhood for a haircut. The owner cut my hair this time. He is an Orthodox Jew, and I was able to share with him some. I also ate lunch at the Kosher restaurant next door and met the new owner. He too is Jewish, and allowed me to share some. Please pray!

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?-I've been friends with Jerry for over 20 years. He used to rent office space from a Jewish man who has since passed away. The man left three sons that we prayed for. A few years ago, my church went on a mission trip to Israel. While waiting for our flight at the Atlanta airport, I met and shared with a young Jewish man also going to Israel. Would you believe it turned out to be one of the sons we had been praying for! Jerry has been witnessing to the other son and asked me for The Green Velvet Missionary book for him, himself and a pastor friend in Wisconsin who has been sharing with a Jewish woman. Unfortunately, Jerry was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please pray for him, his wife Beth and their three children.

INTERNET OUTREACH-I've been doing a lot of outreach on Facebook. Especially to my nephew, cousin and fraternity brother who are all Jewish. My nephew won't be my friend on Facebook, but he trolls my posts and comments sometimes. My cousin curses, accuses me of lying and is disrespectful. Unfortunately, he started following me on my friends posts, and I had to disengage with him and block him? My fraternity brother is a devout atheist, and gives my friends on Facebook many opportunities to share with him as well!

I've been trying to build a presence on Instagram as well. We are now up to about 1,300 followers. However, the more time I spend on the Internet, the more hostility I seem to be generating. One woman from Hollywood, California reprimanded me for trying to reach Jewish people in Hollywood? She appears to be a new ager. She called me and e-mailed me some threatening messages?

INVENTORY OUTREACH-In order to raise some much needed support, we packed 12 boxes with evangelistic merchandise and offered them to our wholesale customers for $500 a box. One customer bought most of them. I e-mailed about 50 Messianic Congregations in Florida to ask them if they wanted me to speak while I was there and to tell them about the boxes. A Messianic Rabbi wanted a box for his youth fundraiser in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We were out of boxes by the time he contacted me, but were able to put together one more!

Steven Barry Kaplan, President
Jewish Outreach International
Cell (770) 880-7474