TAP Ministries, INC.
April 2019 Newsletter
New Era
Pastor Wes Gunther has become the director of TAP Ministries. Pastor Wes is the full time pastor of the Cedar Hill Baptist Church of Dillsburg, PA. He has been pastor there for over 14 years. Pastor Wes's father was a past director of TAP in the 1990's at which time Pastor Wes was the representative for TAP, making presentations at many churches.

Pastor Wes has an extensive vision for the future of TAP. He is already focused on growing alliances with ministries globally that can benefit from shipments of materials from TAP. We will now be doing larger shipments than we have been able to do in years past.
New Outreach
The shipments of books that TAP invests in are designed for ministry. Therefore, we send primarily Bibles, Sunday school material, reference books and hymnals to Missionaries, National Pastors and Bible Colleges around the world.
We regularly receive good Christian books that do not fit these needs. In past years we were donating these books to another ministry.

We are very pleased to announce that beginning this month we have formed a new alliance with Christian Library Int. which places Christian books in over 1400 prison libraries. We will be shipping our extra books to CLI and believe now that these books will be very beneficial to those in such great need.
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New Treasurer
TAP is pleased to announce that Mr. Al Raniero has been named the new Treasurer of TAP Ministries. Over the last twenty years, Tom Whaley has been filling that office as well. Al Raniero is the treasurer of Cedar Hill Baptist Church where Pastor Wes is pastor.
New Technology
Pastor Wes is intent upon improving the technological side of TAP. The website and Facebook page are now one year old. At the beginning of 2019 Pastor Wes began email newsletters as well. We have just begun online donations as well. (Link available at the bottom of this page on online version.)

If you are still receiving the newsletter via the postal service and would like to receive it via email - please let us know. We are also looking to send email receipts for donations as well within the next month. You can email us at tapministriesinc@gmail.com
Stats for the Month of April
For the month of April we were able to send 1 carton to India and 1 carton to Nigeria as well as our first 2 cartons to CLI (prison library ministry). For the year we are way ahead of the amount we shipped compared to last year. We were able to pickup many boxes of materials. We also packed 12 cartons and 328 pounds for our shipment to ICM Bible College which will be shipped in May.
TAP Ministries, Inc