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  • Post Secondary Education Program Update
  • Ride for Malawi Update
  • Featured Scholar: Catherine Matope - University of Malawi, Chancellor College
  • Post Secondary Education Program Update
  • COVID-19 Update
  • More About Malawi: Learn Chichewa, Fact of the Month, Featured Quote

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Post-Secondary Education Program Update
AGE Africa is proud to share that we have selected our first cohort of post-secondary education scholars! This new program will provide college scholarships, vocational counseling, and peer-led career path development opportunities for high-achieving AGE Africa scholars who have completed secondary-school.

The program is designed to equip talented young women with the skills and experiences needed to be future leaders and mentors to younger female scholars.

Stay tuned for more stories and updates about the incredible women selected to participate in this program.
Picture (above): Three post-secondary education scholars receive laptops for their studies at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College
Ride for Malawi - September 25
Registration is open for Ride for Malawi 2021!

Gear up and bike 20 miles across car-free streets in Washington, DC to support AGE Africa scholars!

Not in DC? You can join our virtual fundraising team from anywhere in the world!

Picture (above): Catherine Matope while she was studying at St. Mary's Secondary School
Picture (above): Catherine Matope in 2021 as a Bachelor of Social Science student at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.
Featured Scholar: Catherine Matope
Catherine (Cathy) Matope comes from a family of four in the Dedza district of Malawi. Growing up, her parents could not afford her school fees. AGE Africa supported Cathy throughout her secondary education. As a natural leader, Cathy was the chairperson for the Church for Central African Presbyterian Student Organization (CCAPSO), as well as the director of school activities at St. Mary's Secondary School.

She graduated in 2019, passing the Malawi School Certificate Exam (MSCE) with an outstanding score of 11 points. Due to her high achievement, she was accepted to attend the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. Cathy is the first person in her family to finish secondary school.

Today, Cathy is studying to receive a Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work. She is one of the beneficiaries of the new AGE Africa higher education comprehensive scholarship program. "I am always frustrated when I see a lot of young girls getting married," she states. "I want to be a social worker so I can inspire girls in my community and help them go back to school."

AGE Africa is proud to help talented young women like Cathy build fulfilling futures by accessing higher education and career development training. In Cathy's words, being the first in her family to attend college is an opportunity to "support fellow women so they can excel in life."

"It's time to show the world what girls and women can do."

COVID-19 Update
Malawi is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases. From January 3, 2020 to August 2, 2021, there have been 52,631 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 1,661 deaths, reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). As of July 26, 2021, a total of 492,390 vaccine doses have been administered. As the pandemic continues to impact daily life, adolescent girls remain at an increased risk of teen pregnancy, early marriage, and school dropout.

AGE Africa is committed to ensuring that all beneficiaries remain healthy and safe during this challenging time. We are proud to report zero pregnancies, teen marriages, and school dropouts among our beneficiaries since the beginning of the pandemic.
More About Malawi
Learn Chichewa: Transportation

Bike – Njinga
Motor Bike – Njinga ya moto
Bus – Basi
Train – Sitima ya pa mtunda
Airplane – Ndege
Walk – Yendani
Ride for Malawi – Palasilani a Malawi
Fact of the Month

The name "Malawi" is said to derive from the ancient kingdom of the Maravi people, which flourished in the region in the 15th century AD. Additionally, "Malawi" means "fire flames" in Chichewa and the country is said to also take its name from the reflection of the rising sun over the waters of Lake Malawi.
Quote of the Month
"Long distances won’t stop me from getting an education, I will persevere."

- Memory Liwago, AGE Africa Scholar
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