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August 2017

2017 award winners Kevin Shuff, Misty Staunton, and Eric Pietsch pose with PD Director Pat Walsh.
2017 Department Service Awards
The Planning & Development Department (P&D) recently held the annual employee service awards, where department employees are recognized for outstanding job performance and years of service to the City of Houston. The P&D Excellence Award recognizes exemplary performance by individuals identified by their supervisors, peers, or colleagues in other departments, as having consistently excelled in their positions and demonstrated integrity and a strong commitment to the mission and values of the department.
This year marks the second year of the P&D Excellence Award and two new award categories were recognized this year- Exemplary Achievement or Performance and Outstanding Collaboration. Last year's award for Excellence in Customer Service went to Mohdudul Huq, and the award is now known as "The Mohdudul Huq Award."
The Department salutes award winners Eric Pietsch, Kevin Shuff and Misty Staunton for a job well done and congratulates each one of them on this outstanding achievement. Kudos!
Eric Pietsch - Excellence in Customer Service Award (A.K.A. "The Mohdudul Huq Award")
The recipient of this award consistently and substantially demonstrates an ability and willingness to work positively, respectfully, and effectively with others; has significantly improved customer service or has increased customer satisfaction in their area; demonstrates ability and willingness to manage changes in work priorities, procedures, and organization; demonstrates exceptional ability to foster collaboration, communication, and cooperation among colleagues and the community.
Kevin Shuff - Exemplary Achievement or Performance Award
The recipient of this award consistently and substantially exceeds the expectations of the position, performing at a level above and beyond normal job requirements and expectations; has made important and significant contributions in their area; and contributes and demonstrates commitment to the Department's mission and core values.
Misty Staunton - Outstanding Collaboration Award
This recipient of this award consistently contributes to team performance by providing encouragement and support, helps others overcome obstacles, and successfully accomplishes goals; is an honest and dependable team player who contributes to group collaboration and consensual decision making and shows empathy and respect for others, and who builds and maintains good working relationships.
30 Years of Service
Last but not least, the Planning & Development Department recognizes and congratulates a group of dedicated and long-tenured employees who have worked over 30 years for the City of Houston. Margaret Wallace Brown (Deputy Director), Patricia Benavides-Foley (Records Administrator), Annette Mitchell (Planner II) and Tommy Mah (Senior GIS Analyst) began their career with the City of Houston in 1987. During their tenure with the Department, each have participated in a diverse array of projects that have had a profound effect on Houston, ranging from the census count, neighborhood planning to GIS data mapping. Appreciation to these individuals for their years of service to the City of Houston and the Department!

Members of the Development Service division stop for a moment to pose for a quick photo before Planning Commission.
Division Spotlight
Development Services
The department plays a critical role in the review of private land development inside Houston's city limits and, in some instances, the area beyond where the city has extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). Applications to locate certain types of development such as hotel/motels, hazardous material storage facilities, Certificates of Compliance, and cellular towers within the city limits are among this Division's responsibilities.
These specialized development review activities complement the most recognizable scope of service, which is subdivision development platting. The planners in "Dev Serv" record the boundaries of divided land and the redivision of recorded plats. The division is lead by Dipti Mathur and Hector Rodriguez.

Department Fast Facts

Complete Communities Neighborhood Meetings: The Department is finalizing dates and locations for each pilot neighborhood (Acres Home, Gulfton, Near Northside, Second Ward and Third Ward) to kick off the first round of public meetings, beginning with Acres Home on August 29, 2017. Meeting dates that have been finalized will be posted on the neighborhood page. For information on this new initiative and meeting updates, go to the Complete Communities  webpage.

MTFP: The annual Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (MTFP) amendment process is underway. The Planning Commission will meet on August 17th to consider amendment requests to the plan. M ore information can be found on the 2017 MTFP amendment requests webpage .

Houston BCycle Expansion Update: Three new Houston BCycle stations were installed in July: Health Museum, Washington & TC Jester, and Gateway on Cullen. A total of 13 of the proposed 71 bike stations have been installed to date, increasing Houston BCycle's network to 46 bike stations. A big THANK YOU to Houston Bike Share and our partners!

Funding for expansion of the city bike share program Houston BCycle is via a $3.5 million federal grant award to the City of Houston's Planning & Development Department. Project partner Houston Bike Share, operator of Houston BCycle, is responsible for the 20% local match and implementation of the stations.  

Gateway on Cullen BCycle Station located at 1851 Cullen Blvd. 


Community Outreach Charrettes: Planner IV Misty Staunton is the first student in a new community outreach program offered at her alma mater, Michigan State University, designed to transform the way people work together by building capacity for collaboration. The National Charrette Institute (NCI) has launched an online opportunity for their popular NCI Charrette System certificate training program that provides strategies and techniques for efficiently co-creating innovative, achievable solutions. According to Staunton, the training will be put to good use in the public outreach and engagement for the Mayor's Complete Communities initiative.


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