Volume 2, Issue 1 | January 2023

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Happy New Year! Welcome to our first product update for 2023. Any questions? Please don't hesitate to call us at 408-479-9484 or email us at [email protected].

Toshiba Storage - Data Doesn't Stop
Data Doesn’t Stop… Toshiba´s MG series is made to tackle the needs in an ever changing data-driven world. It offers the capacity and reliability for high demanding enterprise environments, featuring innovations like game-changing Flux Control - Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording (FCMAMR) technology and 9-disk Helium laser-sealed design up to capacities of 20TB.

Intel: Silicon Photonics Reliability Versus Traditional Optics
Facebook has shared FIT (failure in time) numbers at a public conference.

  • 2000 FIT for traditional optics versus 7 FIT for Silicon Photonics

Silicon Photonics designs have fundamental laser reliability benefits compared to DMLs (Directly Modulated Lasers).

Higher levels of integration and fewer process steps in Silicon Photonics translate to better module quality and reliability.

Kioxia - Enterprise Storage Applications and SSD Solutions
The enterprise data center needs non-stop storage with high levels of performance and reliability. It requires continuous innovations to keep applications running effectively and efficiently, delivering more value with each generation of SAS and NVMe™ technologies. Enterprise SSDs offer a range of performance, endurance and capacities to fit servers and storage systems in any configuration from a single server to racks of servers and storage.