March 2022

Last month, I described the wide range of services that are offered by the Society and in response I received a lovely handwritten note (accompanied by a donation!) from one of our established supporters who indicated that until she read that column she had “no idea” that our services were so varied. I was touched that someone would take the time to send a personalized note thanking us for what we do and I thought it would be appropriate to follow up with a few specific examples of the work we are doing. I hope you will find the following vignettes to be informative.

Riley: Just yesterday I met with Riley and her owner as they were reunited after nearly a year apart. Early in 2021, Riley’s owner came to the Society with the intention of relinquishing her for adoption because he was scheduled for an extended stay for medical treatment. It was clear that she and her owner had established a strong bond and, as a result, we did not feel it was in the best interest of either of them for her to be surrendered. We refused her relinquishment and on the spot modified the parameters of our hardship boarding care program to allow for longer term foster care in instances where there is a long range plan that is likely to lead to a positive outcome. Riley was the first participant in this extended program and others have followed. Riley’s reunion with her owner marks the end of a story and we are proud to have been a part of it.  
Freddi: Freddi is a large, active, 2-year old mixed breed (Pit- Rottweiler) dog who was living in a car with his owner before being brought to us for boarding, again as part of our hardship boarding program. When he came in, Freddi had a mangled, severely infected eye and he was in pain and unvaccinated. We provided very necessary medical care and treatment, but his owner never returned. The removal of Freddi’s eye allowed him to be pain free and he has become a staff and volunteer favorite. He doesn’t show well in the kennel because he gets happy, excited and jumpy when meeting new people. However, outside of the kennel environment he is well-behaved and is good on a leash. Freddi is young and energetic and needs a little work. We think this one-eyed goofy guy would do well as an only dog in a home with no young children. Freddi has appeared on Pick of the Litter but his appearance did not generate any interest. We will continue to work with him for as long as it takes, but we are hopeful to write a happy ending to his story soon!
These two stories are illustrative of what we do every day here at the Rhode Island SPCA. Last year we placed over 1,000 animals into new homes and every one of them received individual care and attention from our wonderful staff. Next month I will share two more stories with you. Until then, thanks for all you do!
All the best,
Wayne M. Kezirian, Esq.
President and General Agent 401.438.8150 x105
Critter Camp

Does your child love animals? Do you want to give your child the opportunity to learn about kindness and respect for animals in a fun and educational way? Critter Camp is the purr-fect educational opportunity for animal-loving children who want to make a difference for shelter animals and to learn more about the Rhode Island SPCA!

We are offering 6 weekly camp sessions this summer for kids ages 8-11 years old. Registration for Summer Camp will be online. Space is limited to 12 kids per session. First come, first served.

For more information, to apply for a campership, or to register for camp, please visit our website.

Due to the popularity of our camp, we kindly ask that you sign up for one week only, so as many children as possible have an opportunity to experience RISPCA summer camp. If your child is interested in attending an additional week(s) or current sessions are full, you can sign up for our waitlist by emailing 

From Lily's Pad
Every February, I get my annual vaccinations and, at least for me, it is an enjoyable experience. I really like people and that includes my veterinarian and her veterinary technicians. A couple of needle jabs is a small price to pay for me to have an opportunity to socialize! However, I know that many of my friends don’t feel the same way as I do about visits to the vet and, to make matters worse, I hear that the cost of vet care can be a problem for some pet owners. That may be why so many of the dogs who are surrendered to the Rhode Island SPCA are not up to date on their rabies vaccination when they arrive at the shelter. Rabies vaccinations are particularly important because the disease, though rare, is extremely serious and the treatment following a bite by an unvaccinated dog is pretty miserable.

I have some good news to report. With help from the Rhode Island Foundation, the RISPCA Animal Health Center will be conducting ten low-cost rabies vaccination clinics for dogs and cats in various locations around Rhode Island starting this spring. The cost for a rabies vaccination will only be $5.00 and this program will be convenient and affordable for all pet owners. The dates, times and locations of the first set of rabies clinics will be published on the Rhode Island SPCA website on Friday, April 1st.  Please check it out and spread the word.

Turning to another topic, I promised to keep you up to date on my progress on the good citizen process. To be honest, this is going to take a while. Some of the requirements are very challenging. For instance, sitting is easy but staying in place for an extended period of time is such a bore that I don’t understand why I have to do that. Walking on a leash is easy too, but life is short and who really wants to have to keep ignoring squirrels and rabbits? Sometimes I wonder what humans are thinking! Even so, I like to make my humans happy, so I will keep working and will let you know how I am progressing.

Thanks for all you do!

Lucky Paw-Leaf Clovers
Clovers, generosity, and more! During the month of March, our friends at Wave Federal Credit Union will be planting Paw-Leaf Clovers at both Warwick branches on our behalf. They will be collecting donations benefiting the critical life-saving services here at the Rhode Island SPCA. Our supporters, with every donation made, will autograph a Paw-Leaf Clover and grow the Wave FCU’s field of Paw-Leaves. This, in turn, grows our mission’s outreach! 
Thank you Wave FCU for hosting Paw-Leaf Clovers for 3 years in a row!
Take Me Home!
Say hello to Lucky & Lonely!

Having come to us at only six months old Lucky & Lonely have yet to experience what it's like to live as a house rabbit. They are both slowly getting used to interacting with people and all that goes along with indoor life.  They are quite timid and would truly be love to find a nice quiet home with people that will go slow with them and show them each the love they deserve! *Lucky & Lonely are currently housed separately and can be adopted into two different households.
Say hello to Otis!

Otis is one of three dogs that came to us all the way from Oklahoma back in January when we assisted with a large hoarding situation. The Humane Society of Tulsa reached out to several Rhode Island shelters for assistance and we just couldn’t say no!

Otis has not been dealt the best hand in luck so far. He’s a shy, reserved guy who really just needs some confidence boosting. Otis basically needs to be taught “how to dog”. A low-key adults only home would definitely be best for him, as loud noises and sudden movements startle him. We’re also recommending that he should be the only pet in the home. Otis really is ready to become somebody’s one and only!

Interested in meeting Otis? Let us know! Otis is currently in foster care.
Interested in adopting? Great! You are welcome to visit the RISPCA, fill out an application or email us at with any questions. Thank-you!
Save the Date ~ 401Gives
The smallest state has got the biggest heart! On April 1st, all of RI is celebrating 401Gives Day, giving back to the philanthropic work of all nonprofits with the help of the United Way of Rhode Island. The RISPCA is excited to share that we are a part of this movement!

To participate, please consider telling your friends and family about us on 401Gives Day, donating, and learning more about our rich history fighting for a more humane animal society for over 150 years. Visit our 401Gives Day page here!
Happy Tails ~ Spinosaurus
Meet Spinosaurus ~ now Moose

Moose has really come out of her shell in the past couple weeks! She is completely free roaming now, so she is quite the presence in our home. She is a great eater– she particularly loves raisins, but I definitely limit how much of that she eats. She has gained some weight since being here, but she was pretty bony so I think it is probably a good thing. I am the one who feeds and takes care of her so she will often follow me around wherever I go... she even sleeps in my bed (haha). She is such a sweet and saucy old lady– I sometimes forget that she is elderly since she is so curious and active (she still jumps like a chinchilla haha). 

Thank you,
65 animals were adopted in February! 
A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who chose to adopt at the Rhode Island SPCA. Have a Happy Tail you'd like to share? Send your messages and pictures to HappyTails.
March's Wish List
Here are our Top 5 Wish List items that our animals would be LUCKY to receive!

2.Seat belts
3.Small animal chew toys
4.Bully sticks (large)
5.Wet cat food

You can take a look and order online at our Amazon Wish List, our Chewy Wish List, or drop off donations at our shelter 7 days a week at 186 Amaral Street in Riverside! Our staff, volunteers, and animals thank you:)
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