May 2022
Paws in the Park 2022
Mark your calendars!
The 20th Anniversary of Paws in the Park will be on Saturday, September 17, 2022 at Rose Larisa Park in Riverside, RI featuring a variety of vendors, food trucks, and fun activities for you and your pup. More details coming soon!

By now, you all know about our friend Freddi, one of our longer term resident dogs, who we found difficult to place. I am delighted to report that Freddi was adopted earlier this month. His journey illustrates all that we do here at the Rhode Island SPCA – he benefited from every one of our programs, as follows.

· October, 2021: Came into our shelter as a hardship boarder with a severely damaged eye – his owner was homeless. Our medical director examined him and put him on pain meds pending owner consent for additional treatment. He was aggressive and difficult to approach.

· November, 2021: Multiple attempts to contact his owner proved to be fruitless. This, unfortunately, is a relatively common occurrence.

· December, 2021: We assumed ownership due to abandonment and Freddi was neutered and his severely damaged eye was removed. As he healed and his pain abated his behavior improved dramatically and he quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. A generous donor agreed to sponsor his adoption fee.

· January through mid-March, 2022: Freddi was placed twice for adoption and returned both times in large part because he snored loudly and wanted to sleep near his human. He made two television appearances on ABC’s Pick of the Litter broadcast but no interest was generated.

· Late March, 2022: Freddi was placed in foster care for 2 weeks so that we could monitor his behavior and provide a first-hand report of his in-home behavior. He did well but his loud snoring was noted!

· April, 2022: Freddi was adopted by a couple who walked into the shelter and took an immediate liking to him. They were not deterred by Freddi’s prior returns to the Shelter and commented that he would not be the only snorer in their household!

Not including facility overhead costs, the RISPCA spends approximately $8.00 per day to feed and medicate the dogs in its kennels. Freddi was in our care for nearly 200 days and our direct cost for his medical care was an additional $1,100. Was it worth more than $2,500 to find Freddi a new home and make it easier for his former owner to be in a position to move on with his life? We think so and we couldn’t do this type of work without your help. Thank you!
Wayne M. Kezirian, Esq.
President and General Agent | 401.438.8150 x105
Critter Camp

Does your child love animals? Do you want to give your child the opportunity to learn about kindness and respect for animals in a fun and educational way? Critter Camp is the purr-fect educational opportunity for animal-loving children who want to make a difference for shelter animals and to learn more about the Rhode Island SPCA!

We are offering 6 weekly camp sessions this summer for kids ages 8-11 years old. Registration for Summer Camp will be online. Space is limited to 12 kids per session. First come, first served.
Hurry, only 12 spots left!

For more information, to apply for a campership, or to register for camp, please visit our website.

Due to the popularity of our camp, we kindly ask that you sign up for one week only, so as many children as possible have an opportunity to experience RISPCA summer camp. If your child is interested in attending an additional week(s) or current sessions are full, you can sign up for our waitlist by emailing 

From Lily's Pad
I spend most of my time in the office with my human and my work schedule can be pretty demanding. As a result, I try to take a day off each week to go to doggie day care for a break and I find those days to be very refreshing. I have heard that there are differing opinions about whether doggie day care is good or bad. It may not be for every dog but for me it has proven to be very beneficial and I look forward to it. Getting to spend a day each week playing with other dogs helps me to clear my head and get some exercise. 

This month my human was away from the office for a couple of days traveling to look at other shelters and to get some design ideas for the RISPCA’s new facility. That was fine with me as I got to board for a couple of days at my doggie day care facility. I had a great time playing with my friends! 

My human won’t let me tell you which doggie day care I go to, but I can say that the facility is close to home, has friendly and experienced staff on hand, has a certified trainer on staff who performs a temperament test with all new dogs, uses positive reinforcement methods, separates dogs by size and temperament, and is well maintained and odor free. In addition, my human gets frequent pictures and updates about how I am doing when I am there. 

There are several quality canine boarding and day care facilities in Rhode Island and many of them are valued supporters of the Rhode Island SPCA. If you don’t have time to take your dog on long walks, doggie day care is something you might consider trying. It might not be for every dog, but for many it is a great option.

Thanks for all you do!
Vaccine Clinics

The Rhode Island SPCA has 4 upcoming Rabies Vaccine Clinics hosted at Rumford Pet Express locations throughout RI! All clinics are from 10am to 12pm on the following Saturdays ~ first come, first served ~ while supplies last.

401Gives was a HUGE Success!
The smallest state has the biggest heart! 

Thank you to everyone who supported the Rhode Island SPCA during this state wide day of giving. We are happy to report that through your generosity over $10,000 was raised to support the life saving work we do here at the RISPCA everyday. A special thank you to the matching sponsors and prize sponsors who also supported the non-profit community on this special day.

Take Me Home!
Say hello to Runty!

Oh Runty...what can we say about this sweet girl? She's had a rough start to life, after having been born the runt of her litter and then living in an abusive home followed by being involved in multiple car accidents. She keeps squinting through those rose colored glasses though and is just ready to settle into a new peaceful life and routine. Runty can still be head shy, due to her previous encounters, so she will need to go to an adults-only home, as fast movements startle her. She's friendly and playful and just happy to enjoy life and all it has to offer. Runty is the true definition of resilience.
Say hello to Stella!

This silly young lady came to us as a puppy with a severely permanently painful damaged front leg. This girl is now feeling right as rain and nothing is gonna slow her down! She is still really young and excitable and would benefit from some basic training. You can't possibly have a bad day with Stella's positive energy in your life.
Interested in adopting? Great! You are welcome to visit the RISPCA, fill out an application or email us at with any questions. Thank-you!
Happy Tails ~ Rocco
Meet Rocco

It has been a little over a month since we adopted Rocco. He has adjusted well and loves his new brother Winston. He enjoys getting his zoomies out while we are camping.
84 animals were adopted in April! 
A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who chose to adopt at the Rhode Island SPCA. Have a Happy Tail you'd like to share? Send your messages and pictures to HappyTails.
May's Wish List
Here are our Top 5 Wish List items!

1.Dog Chew Toys
2.Cat Dancers
3.Bunny Chew Sticks & Toys
4.Bully Sticks
5.Dog Squeaky Toys

You can take a look and order online at our Amazon Foster Care Wish List, our Chewy Wish List, or drop off donations at our shelter 7 days a week at 186 Amaral Street in Riverside! Our staff, volunteers, and animals thank you:)
About the Rhode Island SPCA ~ Founded in 1870, the Rhode Island SPCA is the oldest humane organization in the state of Rhode Island and the third oldest in the United States. As a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations, and we are not affiliated with any national humane organization.

We are the Rhode Island SPCA ~ There are many organizations throughout the country and the world that have “SPCA” and/or “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” as part of their name. We often hear from intended local donors who believed that they had made a donation to the Rhode Island SPCA but had mistakenly directed their donations to an unrelated organization.  The Rhode Island SPCA is an independent organization and we are not affiliated with any other SPCA. If you find our work to be worthwhile and plan to support our efforts, please be sure that you direct your contribution to the Rhode Island SPCA. ~ Thank you for your support!
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