Vol. 5.0 | May 2019
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Meet Lisa Penny, Director of Partner Sites
Lisa Penny Mary Crane Center
Lisa Penny, Director of Partner Sites at Mary Crane Center and Jennifer Page Santana, Lead Teacher at St. Nicholas
You definitely want to meet Lisa Penny, Mary Crane's Director of Partner Sites! Lisa is celebrating her 20 th anniversary with Mary Crane Center this May, and our families are fortunate she is here!
In May 1999, Lisa worked as a parent volunteer while both of her children attended the Lathrop/North site in West Lakeview. Due to Lisa's fantastic volunteer work, not to mention her fabulous smile, she was a good fit as a Teacher Aide and a caregiver for Mary Crane Center. As she continued her education, and with her increased experience, it led her to be promoted several times over the years to the positions of Teacher Assistant, Lead Teacher, Family Worker, and Site Director. More

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June 17, 201 9 Fun, Fitness and Food , West Garfield Park Learning Center
July 15, 2019 Fun, Fitness and Food, West Garfield Park Learning Center
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At Mary Crane Center, we focus on the knowledge children bring to the classroom and we expand on that existing knowledge. We utilize The Creative Curriculum® to serve the whole child emphasizing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We have four learning sites and several strategic partnerships.
Mary Crane Center (MCC) promotes the comprehensive early development of children through school-readiness programs, personal enrichment activities and family support services. MCC has served over 15,000 children since its inception. Today, MCC serves nearly 600 children per year at its four learning sites and six strategic partnership locations associated with the Archdiocese of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and other strategic partners. Mary Crane League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Visit www.marycrane.org
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