Vol. 4.0 | February 2019
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Math + Teachers x Erikson = Success for Kids

Rogers Park Learning Center
Bob Bryant Mary Crane Center 2019
Erikson's Early Math Collaborative | What in the world is subitizing?
Did you know that Mary Crane Center has partnered with the renowned Erikson Institute for many years in countless ways? Our teachers and parents have received degrees, certifications and other professional development through the programs of Erikson. One very special initiative Mary Crane’s teachers have engaged in is Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative.

We at Mary Crane know that aside from counting, number recognition, and naming two-dimensional shapes, math is often given little or no attention during children’s preschool years.  We also know that mathematical competence needs to be established long before middle school. Thus, we developed the formula that equipped Mary Crane staff to ensure that every one of our kids has the opportunity to engage in the joy of math! More

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April 8-12 The Week of the Young Child. Check for more details in the coming weeks regarding activities planned at our learning centers.

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At Mary Crane Center, we focus on the knowledge children bring to the classroom and we expand on that existing knowledge. We utilize The Creative Curriculum® to serve the whole child emphasizing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We have four learning sites and several strategic partnerships.
Mary Crane Center (MCC) promotes the comprehensive early development of children through school-readiness programs, personal enrichment activities and family support services. MCC has served over 15,000 children since its inception. Today, MCC serves nearly 600 children per year at its four learning sites and six strategic partnership locations associated with the Archdiocese of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and other strategic partners. Mary Crane League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Visit www.marycrane.org
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