Vol. 7.0 | August 2019
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PlayStreets Builds Community as Early Childhood Education Center

The summer is an ideal time to build community with families, their children, and our neighborhoods. And this is precisely what Mary Crane Center (MCC) does every summer by hosting “PlayStreets,” our annual block party in each of the communities we serve . More>

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Mary Crane Center 110 Years
Mary Crane Center Announces its 2019 “Year in Review”
Mary Crane Center (MCC) held its Annual Meeting at The Hatchery in Garfield Park on June 26, 2019. Over 75 guests attended the event to celebrate the learning center’s accomplishments from the past year.   More>
Upcoming Events
August 19, 2019 Fun, Fitness and Food , West Garfield Park Learning Center

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Early Head Start
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At Mary Crane Center, we focus on the knowledge children bring to the classroom and we expand on that existing knowledge. We utilize The Creative Curriculum® to serve the whole child emphasizing social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We have four learning sites and several strategic partnerships. More
Mary Crane Center (MCC) promotes the comprehensive early development of children through school-readiness programs, personal enrichment activities and family support services. MCC has served over 15,000 children since its inception. Today, MCC serves nearly 600 children per year at its four learning sites and six strategic partnership locations associated with the Archdiocese of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools and other strategic partners. Mary Crane League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Visit www.MaryCrane.org
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