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December 2018

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Monthly Update

Donnell Probst

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Michelle Ciulla Lipkin

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Erin Reilly
Sherri Hope Culver
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David Kleeman
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Joanne Parsont

Tony Streit

Kristi Avram

Steve Hargadon

Alicia Haywood

Tori Horton

Gonca Latif-Schmitt
Cynthia Lieberman

Lynette Owens

Daniel Rhone
Nicole Starr

DC Vito

Leadership Council

Rachel Arteaga

Emily Bailin Wells

Caitlin Barry

Catherine Burgess

Natasha Casey

Belinha S. De Abreu

David Cooper Moore

Elizaveta Friesem

Yonty Friesem

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David Magolis

Tina Peterson

Donnell Probst

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Laurie Chin Sayres

Evelien  Schilder

Julie Smith

Benjamin Thevenin

Jiwon Yoon

Student Leadership Council

Jimmeka Anderson

Nneka Gigi

Jasmin Goodman

Alexis Romero

Zoey Wang

core principles

The purpose of  media literacy education is to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed by critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today's world.



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Media Literacy Survey

State of Media Literacy in the U.S.
Please take a moment to fill out the State of Media Literacy Survey before it closes on December 15th!  The information you share in this survey will become part of the first annual report on the State of Media Literacy in the United States from NAMLE.

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Poor Media Literacy Skills Leave Turkish Citizens Vulnerable to Fake News
In an interview with fact-checking organization, Turkey's Hurriyet Daily News explores how poor media literacy skills have left citizens and news organizations vulnerable to fake news, especially around divisive   topics like politics, education, health, and refugees.  [ read more ]
Forbes: Kids + Media Literacy Education are Key to Combating Fake News
This article by Forbes discusses the author's experience using iCivics' NewsFeed Defenders game with her own child as a method of teaching media literacy. The author cites important lessons that can help young students learn to verify the accuracy of information from a young age, combatting the proliferation of fake news in the future. [read more]  

CalendarMark Your Calendar
2019 International Critical Media Literacy Conference
Savannah, GA
Feb 22-23 [learn more]
Transmedia Literacy International Conference
Barcelona, Spain
March 22-24 [learn more] 
2018 Communicating Diversity Conference 
College Station, TX
Mar 28-29 [learn more] 

BEA 2019 Research Symposium: 
Media Literacy: What NOW?
Las Vegas, NV
Apr 7 [learn more]
Media Education Conference
Salla, Finland
Apr 24-26 [learn more]
Media & Learning 2019:  
Video in Higher Education
Stuk, Leuven, Belgium 
June 5-6 [learn more
2019 NAMLE Conference
Washington, D.C.
Jun 26-28 [learn more]
MembersM-Passion ed: Meet our Members
Carla Lyndale Carter-Bishop
Founder, Focused Arts Media eDucation (FAMe)
Lecturer, University of North Texas
" My latest work is through my course, Interactive Community Video. This semester, students in my class are learning how to teach media literacy skills and are applying them in an elementary classroom setting. We have teamed up with a group of local fifth grade teachers and are working with their students to produce short documentaries. Through this process, my students are teaching ten and eleven year olds  the core concepts of media literacy, how to access, analyze, evaluate, and then create their own work. Students are learning that they don't just have to consume media, but that they also have the power to create their own media, and to create their own narratives in the process." [ read more ]  

Want to recommend an M-Passioned NAMLE member who should be in our next feature? Contact Evelien Schilder at
Call for Ideas: Video in
Higher Education Conference
The 2019 Media & Learning Conference, which takes place on June 5-6 in Leuven, Belgium is now accepting idea proposals. The conference will combine formal and informal discussion opportunities along with presentations, practical demonstrations, and hands-on workshop opportunities. 
Submission deadline: Jan 21  [ learn more ]

CFP: 2019 Communicating
Diversity Conference
The 2018 Communicating Diversity Conference is now accepting proposals for submissions related to communicative processes in issues such as power, privilege, social justice, and climate and inclusion in a variety of contexts (e.g. rhetoric, media, health, organizational, intercultural, and political)--especially those that highlight voices of minoritized and marginalized groups. The opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students.
Submission deadline: Feb 2 [learn more]  
JMLE Special Issue:  
Media Literacy, Fake News & Democracy
Check out this special issue of the Journal Of Media Literacy Education Media Literacy, Fake News And Democracy. The issue is now available online and all articles can be read or downloaded for free. 

Webinar: Media Literacy and Gender
The Consortium of Media Literacy's (CML) Tessa Jolls shared her expertise in media literacy and gender representation in a webinar for the Special Libraries Association (SLA) in November. The webinar can now be viewed online. [ learn more

Companion Website: Create to Learn
The companion website for Renee Hobbs' latest book, Create to Learn: Introduction to Media Literacy, is now available. This website offers a variety of resources for students and instructors who register including examples of media created by students and instructors, shared assignments and lesson plans, access to PowerPoint slides for each chapter, flashcards to help master definitions of key terms, and access to video clips that are described in the book. [ learn more
EmploymentEmployment Opportunities 
Adjunct Professor of Media Arts + Practice:  
Media Literacy   
University of Southern California  
Los Angeles, CA  
Douglas L. Manship Sr. - Dori J. Maynard  
Chair in Race, Media & Cultural Literacy
Louisiana State University 
Baton Rouge, LA  
For more listings, visit our organizational 
partner The Alliance's  job bank
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