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 Executive Director's Corner

It is hard to believe that we are entering winter and with it the holiday season. This is my most favorite time of year, not for the gift giving or all of the delicious food and drink we get to have, but for the gathering and fellowship with all of our family and friends. We often lose sight of the things that are the most important during the year, but the holiday season forces us all to slow down and spend time with those that truly add richness to our lives.

In my nearly 4 years with CLUB 20, I have observed something greater than our win loss record at the legislature or the influence we hold throughout the state. The spirit and soul of CLUB 20 comes from its people; the members who may disagree with one another behind closed doors, but fiercely defend their own in public. Or the members who readily open their hearts and check books to help a fellow member in need. The members of CLUB 20 have all the elements of a family-that crazy uncle who keeps talking about government conspiracies, the cousin who is just a good ol' boy trying to make a living, the mom trying to mediate disagreements, and the father figure who offers his wisdom and the voice of reason when times get tough. We together are the family of Western Colorado and that carries more strength and love than our founders could have ever imagined.

To all of you during this holiday season, I wish you rest, time to reflect, and most of all I wish you to be surrounded by those who make each day worth fighting for!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christian Reece
Executive Director

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In the News......
Inclusion of news stories in the Club 20 Monthly Voice newsletter is not an indication that content necessarily reflects the positions of Club 20. They are offered with the intention of informing & stimulating
discourse among our membership on timely issues.
News from Around the Western Slope
Under the Dome
November 18
By Representative Bob Rankin

Yikes, what happened?

Thanks to all of you wonderful and engaged citizens in Garfield, Moffat, and Rio Blanco Counties who voted for me to return for my fourth and final two year term as your state representative. I was hoping for 100% of the vote and I’m baffled about what those no votes want from their humble servant. Actually, my margins were better than most Republicans so thank you.

I haven’t had time to do much analysis about what happened on election day (I don’t plan to do so) but plenty of political watchers are digging into the numbers, interviewing voters and offering opinions. Evidently President Trump was on the ballot and I missed it while many unaffiliated voters did not and voted against him. Interesting to me is the fact that voters rejected ballot initiatives that increased taxes and then elected Senators, Representatives and statewide officers who supported those same ballot initiatives and intend to spend the dollars. How will we pay for what they have planned for Colorado?
Is Cursive Really
a Curse?
By Joyce Rankin

Cursive writing is defined as a style of penmanship where some characters are written and joined together in a flowing manner. It is generally used to allow an individual to write faster. I distinctly remember practicing penmanship in the sixth grade from my teacher, Mrs. Johnston. She had beautiful handwriting and we tried hard to copy her lead. She wanted everyone's handwriting to be perfect and we practiced daily. It was the closest thing to "art" that we had in her class. 

Research has revealed that motor and visual skills or eye-hand coordination, is improved with the practice of forming the letters when writing in cursive. For young children, it also benefits dexterity between the hands and fingers and enhances the connection between hand and brain. There may be an analogy to the skills of a surgeon, dentist, computer technician or artist. 

Handwriting skills or cursive writing begins around third grade or age eight and is then continued and refined through elementary grades.
AARP Sept. 2018 Study Released
Bob Murphy, AARP Colorado State Director and Club 20 member shared in a 7 minute video (available by selecting the button on the left) that the AARP foundation released a study in September of this year indicating that "one in three Americans age 45 & up reported feeling lonely". Additionally fewer than 20% report loneliness to their doctor.

Recommendations for city planners, suggestions for physician screening tools, general tips, and contact information to learn about upcoming events is also provided.
Colorado Poised to Grow its Manufacturing Industry
The annual Drive | Lead | Succeed conference recently took place at Estes Park, Colorado on Oct. 24-26th, and over 200 economic development professionals and stakeholders attended. The three day conference focused on economic challenges and opportunities communities will be facing in the next three to five years.

Within this focus, one topic discussed was the release of the EDCC's statewide manufacturing study analyzing Colorado's manufacturing skill clusters and supply chain opportunities.

One key finding of the study was that "out of the six geographical regions in Colorado; the western, southwestern, and San Luis Valley region - although the smallest in terms of the average earnings per employee, the number of businesses, and gross regional (GRP) for manufacturing - is projected to see the fastest growth of the six regions of the next five years."
Census 2020 Employment Opportunities

Sticking with the tradition of making Western Colorado stronger, the United States Census Bureau would like to make residents aware of the many job opportunities available with the US Census Bureau.

Are you or someone you know seeking employment? It's simple and easy to apply.

Visit , click "Apply Now", and register to begin your profile, or call 1-855-JOB-2020. Once you complete your application, the Census Bureau will contact you once jobs are available in your area. Jobs are part-time, flexible hours, work from home, and last a few weeks to several months.
A Quick Word from the Club 20 Membership Chair
Did you know that CLUB 20 staff makes arrangements for the membership to meet at the State Capitol every year in January? As a member, anyone may attend this event which is scheduled for January 24th and 25th. The leadership in CLUB 20 believes this is a great opportunity to hear from our elected officials and state department heads about up and coming issues that may affect the Western Slope. This is also an excellent way for members to ask questions and express their concerns to our Colorado Delegation about issues that may impact our western quality of life. Issues such as Education, Transportation, Telecom, Water and Public Lands come to mind, all of which affect our economies on the West Slope. I would encourage you to make the effort and take the time to join us at the State Capitol next year and make your voice heard on critical issues that affect the Western Slope. For more information, contact the CLUB 20 office at 970-242-3264 or visit the website at

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year-2019!!!
Ray Beck
Club 20 Membership Chair
Upcoming Club 20 Events:
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***Upcoming Time-Sensitive Deadlines***
"Voices of Rural Colorado"
Joint Legislative Trip
January 24-25, 2019
Denver, CO

Club 20 Members will have the opportunity to represent Western Slope at the state capitol together with a strategic agenda which enables advocacy on timely issues with state legislators.

This year's Evening Reception will take place at History Colorado Center in downtown Denver.

Legislative Panel Topics:

Mental Health & Opioid Epidemic

Rural Education & Workforce Development


Hotel Reservation Deadline: 12/24/18
Event Registration Deadline: 1/18/19
Winter Policy
Committee Meetings
Week 1: Feb. 28th & March 1st
Week 2: March 14th & 15th
Ute Water Conservancy
2190 H 1/4 Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Policy Committee Chairs & Club 20 Members will have the opportunity to meet in a decision-making setting to address possible new Club 20 policy resolutions, and whether to renew, amend, or delete Club 20 resolutions which are up for review. Club 20 Policy Committee Meetings also include presentations from subject matter experts & industry leaders.

Policy Committee Schedule:
Week 1
Feb. 28th:
Telecom, Health Care, Business Affairs
(Education is now under Business Affairs)
March 1st:
Transportation, Tourism

Week 2
March 14th:
Agriculture and Water
March 15th:
Public Lands & Natural Resources, Energy

Stay tuned for more details to come!

Hotel Reservation Deadline: 2/21/19

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2751 Crossroads Blvd
Grand Junction, CO 81506
(970) 424-5888
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Spring Conference
April 12th & 13th
DoubleTree Hotel
743 Horizon Dr
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Club 20 facilitates two days of event-filled agenda items which include:

  • Executive Committee meetings where Club 20 leadership delivers annual reports
  • Presentations regarding legislative session work
  • Presentations from area industry leaders on matters which impact the Club 20 region
  • Reports from Policy Committee Chairs
  • Appointment of Policy Committee Chairs
  • Election of Club 20 Leadership
  • Decision-making meetings on upcoming Club 20 events
  • Club 20 Annual Awards Banquet

Stay tuned for more details to come!
Washington DC Fly-In
May 21-23, 2018
Lodging: Hyatt Place
33 New York Avenue, NE
Washington DC, 20002
Every other year Club 20 members have the opportunity to travel to Washington DC together in force on a strategic venture to represent the interests of Western Colorado.

In addition to meeting with national leaders to advocate together for Western Colorado interests, participants have the opportunity to enjoy a Club 20 tradition: the dinner and cruise on the Potomac!

To get a better idea of what the Washington DC trip entails, you can visit the agenda from the 2017 trip by clicking here .

***If you are considering attending the 2019 trip, please contact Club 20 staff ASAP to share your information for a potential White House tour. We must submit all participant's contact info no later than 3 months in advance. ***

Stay tuned for more details to come!
***Dates Subject to Change***
2019 Sponsorship Opportunities
The success of Club 20 Events are largely due to the generous sponsorship from those members who believe in the organization's mission of bringing together interested citizens, community leaders, and subject matter experts to discuss relevant matters which impact Western Colorado.

Please take a look at all available sponsorship opportunities for 2019 and consider helping us to make your Club 20 events AMAZING in 2019!

Voices of Rural Colorado
Available Sponsorship Opportunities
If you are interested in reviewing the available sponsorship opportunities, please click the button below &/or email Jen at

Deadline: 12/27/18
Club 20 Blast from the Past
An article in The North Fork Times provides an overview of an annual Club 20 meeting where over 300 individuals gathered to discuss key issues with water being a key focus. Club 20 members gathered to hear from state legislators and a presentation from members of the Denver Water Board. Denver Water Board member Jim Kinney stated, "Water alone is the key to the future of the state". Senator Fred Anderson, R-Loveland, president of the senate, said, "It is extremely difficult for us to believe that water projects will come about just because of a change of administration. The state must make a major commitment of its own. We must get the financing going."

As ongoing discourse among Club 20 Leadership & Committee Chairs has been underway to identify top areas of focus for 2019, it is interesting to look back and find the abundant history of emphasis, collaboration, and collegiality given to the topic of water. The entire article can be read in pdf format by pressing the button below.
2019 Club 20 Focus
Over the last few months we have worked with Club 20 Leadership and Policy Committee Chairs to identify the top priorities for the upcoming legislative session.

This priority focus will enable Club 20 staff and membership to mobilize our efforts as we begin to monitor bills being introduced by state congress, contemplate possible speakers for Club 20 events, & determine who to reach out to for possible networking opportunities as we plan for Voices of Rural Colorado and the Washington DC Fly-in scheduled for May 2019.

As a new legislative season begins, we would also like to encourage our Club 20 membership to reach out to us if partnership through presentation, sign-on letter, etc. would assist in leveraging efforts, building community awareness, and/or garnering support on issues Club 20 has taken positions on.

Please check out our 2019 Top Issues Document!
Club 20 would like to extend gratitude to all 2018 Corporate members for their generous support throughout the year. As we contemplate beginning a new year with newly elected officials, new focus topics, & new Club 20 members to embrace in this 65 year old organization, we know our success is made possible through the relationships, collaboration, encouragement, and support that our active
Corporate members offer. Thank you!
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