Take a peek at JNCL-NCLIS’ work on Capitol Hill regarding Language Education and Language Industry issues:

JNCL-NCLIS has visited 300+ offices on Capitol Hill since the beginning of the 116th session asking Congress to address the recommendations of America’s Languages, the report of the Commission on Language Learning via the following bills... Click below to read more!

As of May 22, the House Appropriations Committee has completed draft appropriations bills funding the Departments of Education and State. Overall, our programs see significant increases in these drafts. However, the Senate has yet to agree to a budget, although negotiations among the Senate and House leadership and the White House are ongoing. It is too early to predict whether the proposed increases will be enacted, or how much will survive the eventual conference committee with the Senate.

At present, the House draft bills make the following appropriations for programs of interest to JNCL-NCLIS... Click below to read more!

This week, the Department of Health and Human Services posted a draft of a  new regulation  to implement §1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Section 1557 covers non-discrimination in the provision of health care, to include the provision of language access... Click below to read more!
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