Dear St. Paul's Family,

This is the first of a regular monthly communication concerning developments in worship, the Search Committee work, and progress on the reconstruction. We hope you will find it helpful. 

Susan N. Eaves , Interim Rector
Jane Nelson , Senior Warden
Lee Switz , Junior Warden

Worship News
Last Sunday marked our first service in Scott Hall where we will worship throughout the reconstruction project in the church. The Altar Guild did a magnificent job and the setting was truly beautiful.

We have a new worship area in Scott Hall for young children and their parents during the service. This is completely new and really exciting for St. Paul’s! There will be a large rug with bean bags and activity bags, for young children (babies, toddlers and children under 3) with a parent. Please take advantage of this space if you and your child would like to remain in Scott Hall during worship.

Six members of the congregation have signed up to support the summer choir. If you would like to participate, please contact Chris Reynolds ( or 643-3589 ) and, if you have ever wondered what it might be like to be an acolyte or Eucharistic Minister, now is the time to be in touch with Stephen Peple ( or 285-0701 ). No previous experience is required.

We continue to work on drawing closer together as community. To that end, we are asking everyone to wear name tags for the summer. Your tags are arranged in alphabetical order in the drawers to the right of the entrance to Scott Hall. If you cannot find yours, please fill out a temporary tag and hand it to an usher at the end of the service.

Being seated in a semi-circle around the altar also emphasizes the sense of the gathered community and provides us with the opportunity to be more aware of each other as we worship. A member of the congregation responded to this by expressing his pleasure at being able to see the faces of fellow worshipers instead of their backs. In addition, you will notice a special place set aside near the altar to be a welcoming space for babies and small children: Sue Eaves

Renovation News
Good news -- we are on track to begin construction work this upcoming Monday, June 4 ! The initial operation will be to remove the suspended ceiling in the chapel in order to confirm the plan for supporting the marble altar, communion rail and columns while the chancel floor is removed and a new steel structure is installed. Other early work will be to protect the windows and other areas from dust and damage.

The pipes and other sensitive parts of the Rosales organ have been removed for protection and safe keeping and to permit easy access to the tower and attic (which is through the organ loft). All furnishings, books etc. have been cleared out of the church and chapel. The pew cushions have been sent to a local shop where they will be refurbished and the minor changes made to fit the new pew arrangement.

The contractor quoted a price for the work that is within our budget and the vestry gave formal approval to go ahead at their May meeting. The main subcontractors have been selected and the city has issued a building permit. We have also hired a project manager/owner's representative with wide experience in this kind of work to make sure we stay on track.

The progress of the project is being recorded on a photo blog at . You can sign up on that site to receive a notice when new information is posted and you can give us feedback there, too: Adrian Luxmoore

Search Committee News
On behalf of the Rector’s search committee, I want to thank everyone for your encouraging and uplifting send-off at the May 20th church service. Many of you have already expressed confidence in the committee and optimism about finding the “right” Rector. We know that you are depending on us and we sense that responsibility in the deepest of ways.
Our first big task will be to communicate with each of you to hear your thoughts on what St. Paul’s will look like in the future and what leadership style and skills are important to you. This process will involve a written survey that reflects the relative importance of the various ministries of the church.

Once we have identified our priorities through this process, the committee will develop a parish profile of St Paul’s that will be circulated within the larger Episcopal community. This profile will be the centerpiece of the church’s “story” for consideration by prospective applicants, and we expect the profile to be finished in the fall. 

As applications are received, the committee will introduce the applicants to our church. The challenge will then be to understand a sense of who the applicants are and how their skills will fit your desires for a vibrant St. Paul’s. Though it might seem peculiar, it matters that each of you take this process personally and that you invest your energy in a successful outcome.
It is vitally important that you share with the committee your vision of the future of St. Paul’s in any way that you feel comfortable.  As the search develops, I will be giving the congregation updates on the results of the parish survey and how the next stage of the search process is progressing. Everyone tells us that the search process will likely take about 12 months, so I am personally praying for patience so that we take our time in choosing the right fit for our church: Steve Micas
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