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A Note From Kelly


Happy New Year!  I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas, Hanukkah and Holiday!  We almost made it through without a glitch, but that ungrateful flu that went around threw a little wrench in our plans! It caught my sister's entire house on Christmas Day which caused a change of venue. We still had a wonderful time as we were able to spend it with my 86 year old grandparents (and WWII vet - thank you Grandpa!). My son, Dillon, got enough musical instruments to start a garage band and led his Great Grandpa marching around the house. Again... and again... and again.


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Introducing Caissa Conversations

Caissa is launching our new quarterly event series, CAISSA Conversations, in March. CAISSA Conversations brings people together for an intimate forum that offers a review of a personal or financial topic and how it relates back to your life. Each quarter, we'll bring a new conversation to the table. Our inaugural event will be on one of the hottest discussions of 2014:  Digital Assets, how to protect your online identity and how to transfer it upon your death. 


We cordially invite you to attend and hope to see you there! Save the date, March 24. Watch for an invitation in your email!

Caissa Market Update

Last year marked some volatile times in the stock market. We had four time periods where the Large Cap markets lost more than 5-7% which makes for a bumpy ride unless you're diversified! The large cap indexes ended up about 7% on the year while the International indexes ended down -7.5% and emerging markets were down -5%.   Peak to trough, small caps lost about -12% at one point in the year. While these markets were down, others were up. This is why we focus a lot of time on diversifying assets and mitigating having all your investments tied to one particular market class. Average gains were modest for 2014 but overall, clients still were significantly ahead of their corresponding benchmarks net of fees.


Last year was also a year of many global conflicts and new topics. China surpasses the US to become the largest trader in the world with $4Trillion of traded goods, the FOMC ended its bond buying program "QE3" in October and the markets took a strong beating when Ebola reached US soil in the 4th quarter. To spoil October even further, Germany announced that it was about 4% off to the downside on their trade numbers. Many of these headlines remained just that, headlines. There are still some lurking torpedoes in the water within Europe and the Euro participants as well as Asia and its dependency on oil. We continue to monitor all of these situations and focus on the long term viability of our clients' financial plans.  


Potential Penalties for Employers Under the "Pay or Play" Rules
The Affordable Care Act requires certain large employers to offer affordable, minimum value health coverage to their full-time employees and dependents or pay a penalty. This employer mandate provision is also known as the "shared responsibility" or "pay or play" rules. Learn More
2015 Tax Reference Guide
To help you prepare for the 2015 tax season, we've pulled together this handy tax reference guide. Download the Guide

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