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"As we look back, it’s important to reflect on the history of women’s homeownership and how far women have come today as homeowners. While we’re all familiar with milestones like a women’s right to vote in 1920 and the Fair Housing Act in 1968, it was 1981 before the U.S. Supreme Court barred women from being legally subordinate to their husbands in terms of property ownership and control. Fast forward to 2021, and women are the major decision-makers, married or single, in the housing market."
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With home inventory and interest rates being historically low, buyers are competing for homes. Buyers are submitting competitive offers on properties that have multiple offers above the list price. Some buyers are waiving home inspection and appraisal contingencies. Properties are being sold in as is condition. Sellers are in the driver’s seat and they can pick the buyer’s offer that works best for them. Would you like to know how much equity you have in your home? Many properties have appreciated by over 11% since 2020. Have you considered selling your property? Our team has motivated buyers ready to tour your home and possibly make an offer. If you would like information about how much your home has appreciated since you purchased it, contact us today. We would be happy to schedule a phone, Zoom or in person meeting with you. 

Get 3 estimates by clicking the link above. Check current market values for your home and view profiles of potential buyers. If you need a second opinion on the value of your property, ask a team member to provide a Comparative Market Analysis.
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"Mentor of the Year recognizes the sales associates designed to be an office mentor for new licensees. He/she must be available for meetings and accessible to help with questions. This individual demonstrates the ability to guide and instruct the new agent on company policy and the use of the BBHS F&R tools, as well as other responsibilities as outlined in the job description."
Just Listed! 1704 N Park Dr. Unit 119, Wilmington, DE 19806
140 Harlow Pointe Ct, Landenberg, PA is a fantastic home in a 55+ community.
Just Listed! 1807 S 21st St, Philadelphia, PA 19145
Just Listed! 428 Hannum Ave, West Chester, PA 19380
8004 Westview Rd, Wilmington, DE 19802
26 Starboard Ct, Dover, DE 19904
148 Amberfield Ln, Newark, DE 19702
105 Saint Regis Dr, Newark, DE 19711
Coming Soon!
2424 Grubb Road, Wilmington, DE 19810
A Refresh for Your Finances
Written by Alexa Bricker
When spring rolls around, your thoughts might turn to organizing your closets or giving your floors a good, deep clean. But how much thought have you given to cleaning up your finances? If the answer is “not much,” you might want to reconsider.

Spring is a great in-between time of year to take stock of your financial health and to create goals for the rest of the year or to plan for the years ahead. But before you dive headfirst into any new financial plan, you need to take a look at the current state of your finances. Are they where you want them to be? Have you had trouble putting enough away to account for the unexpected? The steps below can help you get started. 

STEP 1: Write It All Down
A coffee here, a new pair of shoes there; when you go about your life as usual, you don’t typically think about how much you’re spending. But even small purchases on a frequent basis can add up. Take a month to jot down or create a digital spreadsheet of all your expenses, including mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, groceries, subscription services, and miscellaneous expenditures. When you are able to see a month’s worth of spending in front of you, it becomes easier to determine which are necessary and which areas you can cut back on. 

STEP 2: Establish a Budget
Once you have an estimate of how much you are spending each month, set up a budget that fits your lifestyle and goals. You can break your budget into areas such as housing and utilities, food and personal care items, childcare, memberships, and miscellaneous. If you’ve tried budgeting in the past to no avail, start small. You don’t have to create a budget for all areas of your life at one time. Try setting up a budget for just one or two areas. Perhaps you want to spend less on subscriptions and memberships that you don’t use. A $30 gym membership might not sound like a lot of money to shell out each month, but that adds up to $360 a year! Be realistic about how much you are willing to spend on nonessentials, and consider looking for less expensive alternatives. 

STEP 3: Evaluate and Pay Down
Credit is a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be nearly as big a headache as it is made out to be. Of course, some credit is good. Showcasing your ability to make timely payments to creditors is imperative for everything from buying a house to starting a business, but it’s easy to get in over your head. If you have multiple lines of credit, look carefully at the interest rates and amount borrowed on each. Start by paying down the cards with the highest amount of interest, which can quickly accrue and leave you even more in the hole. 

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