Happy December! As we move deeper into the holiday season, many are reflecting on the concessions we have had, and will still have to make this year to keep each other safe. In this stressful time, we've heard increasingly often that the pandemic and election anxiety, among other things, are burning people out. Shelter in place has amplified the isolation some were already feeling, and folks have been struggling to do the same or more work under more difficult circumstances, while well-meaning but tone deaf advice-givers suggest taking a spa day, or unplugging for an afternoon.

Its time to take a honest look at what self care means in the anti-violence movement and in communities of color, and to normalize and institutionalize it, including intentional policies and procedures, in all of our workplaces. We need to quit placing the burden on individuals to carve out the time and energy to do self care, and to start caring for each other. We are all in this together, but we cannot meaningfully move forward until we are all supported.

If you're interested in continuing the conversation around self or collective care, we hope you'll consider joining us on December 9th for our Bridges Community Connect Call -- details below. We wish you a safe and healthy end to 2020.