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Quick Tip for Leading Volunteers

Tell the Whole Story of Volunteer Involvement 
The following Quick Tip is an excerpt from the book, Measuring the Impact of Volunteers: A Balanced and Strategic Approach , by Christine Burych, Alison Caird, Joanne Fine Schwebel, Michael Fliess, and Heather M. Hardie.

It is important that stories become a regular part of [reporting back to your organization about how volunteer contributions relate specifically to the mission of your organization]. Stories are critical to sharing success in a tangible way. No one remembers all the detailed lists of data that are shared in reports, but they do remember anecdotes that illustrate the results. Here are two examples:  Read more...
April Hot Topic
By Sheri Wilensky Burke

Don't Just Recognize Volunteers, INVEST in Them...and Yourself

As the season of national volunteer recognition events get underway, Sheri Wilensky Burke, associate director of the EveryoneReady® online volunteer management skill-building program, challenges leaders to recognize volunteers and their talents by investing in their development, what Sheri terms as "volunteer evolvement." Read this Month's Hot Topic.  
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News from the Field
National Volunteer Week, U.S. and Canada
April 15-21, 2018
National Volunteer Week (NVW) in Canada is a time to celebrate and thank Canada's 12.7 million volunteers. Join Volunteer Canada and Investors Group April 15-21, 2018 to recognize the contributions of volunteers in our communities. This year's theme is: "Celebrate the Value of Volunteering - building confidence, competence, connections and community".

United States
National Volunteer Week in the U.S. is hosted by Points of Light. is an opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to causes they care about in their community. Their stories can serve to inspire others to find ways to take action that creates change. During National Volunteer Week, we celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of changemakers to come together to tackle tough challenges, and build stronger, more vibrant communities. This year's theme is "Celebrate Service."
Spotlight on Resources
Special Days/Week Related to Volunteerism
Don't miss the chance combine your volunteer recognition activities with national or local events celebrating the efforts of volunteers. Visit the Directory for the Profession on the Energize, Inc. website for a list of such events, organized by country, region and date. 

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e-Volunteerism The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community
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Volume XVIII, Issue 2  
e-Volunteerism, our international, subscription-based journal, is now on it's 18th volume year. As always, all previous journal issues are available to subscribers online in the Archives.

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From the Archives 
Is Assigning a Financial Value to Volunteering a Good Idea? (II, 2 January 2002) - O ne of the most anticipated "events" in volunteerism (at least in the U. S.) is the annual announcement by the Independent Sector of the newly- calculated "accepted" hourly dollar rate for volunteer time.  But does the use of this calculation tell the whole story?  Does it truly indicate the "value" of volunteer time?  e-Volunteerism invited some of the world's leading thinkers on this topic to contribute their thoughts to this discussion.
From the Current Issue
I n this issue's  Points of View,   Rob Jackson and Erin R. Spink raise important questions about the concept of legacy in the volunteer engagement profession. They present three reasons to explain why there is often a disconnect between the purpose and the impact of volunteer management work, and they challenge everyone to take action now to define a better legacy in the year ahead.  

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New Postings Since the Last Update

Volunteer Recognition: Can You Do It in a Single Day? - Armed with social media hashtags and themes, organizations around the world utilized this day in 2017 to highlight the work of their volunteers. In this Voices, writer Allyson Drinnon shares stories from individuals and their different organizations on how they used this day to recognize volunteers. What worked? What did not? Can you effectively recognize volunteers in a single day? Through Drinnon's report, it may be possible to start planning for the 2018 International Volunteer Day event right now!
Effective Volunteer Training is a Three-Tier Investment - In this  Training Designs, Meridian Swift - a well-known volunteer manager, author, and blogger - explores why training should be embraced as an investment that will influence a volunteer's future commitment. Through this article, Swift will help volunteer managers discover ways to manage the time they need to make this investment.   
What's Coming Up?
The next issue of e-Volunteerism, which launches on April 15th, includes a diverse set of stories and insights for today's volunteer management profession. Points of View looks at the ethical implications that can result when we aren't clear on the terms we use to define 'volunteer' and 'volunteering.' A feature story presents new research by the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA) that reveals how volunteer engagement professionals stack up with other key staffers. Through the personal insights and perspectives of a cisgender male, another feature focuses on how volunteer resource managers can work with the LGBTQIA community to be more inclusive and welcoming. Additional columns like Along the Web and Research to Practice provide insights into technology tools and highlight important research from Australia and the Netherlands that focuses our attention on non-volunteers, which could be helpful in attracting and retaining new volunteers to your organization. All this, and more!

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Ideas for Volunteer Recognition

Have fun searching for, adding, and sharing ideas for showing appreciation for volunteers on Pinterest!  

Sample volunteer recognition idea from
QTipQuick Tip Continued... 
Case #1
Statistics only: Twenty auxiliary police volunteers assisted in directing traffic for six hours during the parade.
But what was the result of their presence? Add the following facts: The auxiliary police volunteers redirected traffic and returned four lost and scared children to their parents.
Now the volunteers' contribution is memorable, and their impact is tangible.
Case #2
Statistics only: One volunteer teacher's assistant was assigned to the kindergarten class of a local public school.
Frankly, that does not even sound that impressive.  Now add the following: This volunteer teacher's assistant spent most of his time supporting a special needs child in the classroom, who, without this additional support, would have had to stay home.
Now people can visualize and understand the true contribution volunteers are making to the classroom and that child's life.
Fred Lee, author of If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9½ Things You Would Do Differently , asks the question, " Are you measuring to improve or measuring  to impress?"  He also highlights that it is the client  stories of the compassion and caring that caregivers  (whether staff or volunteers) bring to their roles  that ultimately impacts the success of client-focused  organizations.
Effective reporting should answer the five "W" questions:
  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Why?
Relevant reporting adds four more questions:
  • How?
  • What's next?
  • So what?
  • What problem are you solving?
Apply these nine questions to any report you draft. If you have not answered them, add more information or remove what does not illuminate the key criteria.

This Leading Volunteers Quick Tip comes from Measuring the Impact of Volunteers: A Balanced and Strategic Approach Want more of volunteer management wisdom? Visit our Online Bookstore.
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