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TopQTipQuick Tip for Leading Volunteers

How Do You Express Your Work Engaging Volunteers

The following Quick Tip is excerpted from the Hot Topic, So, What Do You Do? by Susan J. Ellis.

If we say "I am a volunteer resources manager" or "I run a volunteer program," what exactly does this communicate to the average listener?  How do we feel (honestly) when we state our profession to strangers? Do we expect our identity to be valued or treated as interesting, or do we dread watching people's eyes glaze over?  
While social party chatter may not seem too important, it can reveal some significant things. First, it gives us an opportunity to listen to ourselves outside of the usual settings in which we talk about our work. It tells us how confident or proud we feel about ourselves and what we do for so many hours of our lives. It provides perspective on what the public - and therefore what prospective new volunteers - think or expect when we introduce ourselves during outreach efforts. As we gain these insights, we also might consider what this tells us about how the executives and staff of our organizations view our role. Read more...
July Hot Topic
By Betsy McFarland (US)

Betsy McFarland announces an exciting new chapter for volunteer engagement in the United States - the development of a national body charged with bringing about unity and collaboration among networks, organizations, and individuals, driving a national conversation about the power and potential of volunteer engagement, and encouraging collective action for nationwide engagement strategies. Read this Month's Hot Topic.  
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August 6, 2018
Risk Management Issues Involving Volunteers
Learn to separate true risk from worst-case scenario fears and face risk  questions comfortably. Consider legal issues affecting how an organization may deploy  volunteers, and possible dangers to clients, the organization, or to volunteers. 
October 1, 2018
Volunteers on The Continuum of Supporters 
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News from the Field

IAVE Releases New Quarterly E-Magazine
The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) announced the release of Volunteering Togethera primary tool to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in all the myriad ways it happens throughout the world. Each issue will be centered around important themes in the volunteering sector. This inaugural issue features corporate volunteering 
and the Sustainable Development Goals.
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International Volunteer Managers Day Announces the 2018 The me
It's only six months until we celebrate International Volunteer Managers Day (IVMDay) 2018! IVMDay has launched this year's theme - TIME FOR CHANGE.

The hope for this year's theme is to allow us to explore the changes needed in our great profession, to ensure it remains relevant and powerful into the future.

Join the IVMDay public group on Facebook to stay up to date about events and ideas for celebrating the day on the 5th of Novem ber. 

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Invisible Histories: Reclaiming Volunteering and Voluntary Action in Australian History Volume IV, Issue 4, July 2004 - Read Melanie Oppenheimer's 2004 keynote address, examining the fact that volunteering and voluntary action, the history of the non-profit sector and its relationship with government, have been largely neglected in twentieth century Australian history.
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Not Everything that is Voluntary is Volunteering - In this Points Of View, Rob Jackson looks at the ethical implications that can arise when we aren't clear on the terms we use. Erin R. Spink relates this to actionable advice for anyone working in volunteer engagement. 

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My African Journey, From the Inside: Promoting Volunteerism in Kenya - In this very personal Voices, Agnetta Nyalita takes you through her journey as a young African promoting volunteerism in her home in Kenya and across Africa. Prompted by questions from editor Allyson Drinnon, Nyalita shares stories of the struggles and progress made on the continent, how her quest affected her personal and career development, and how her efforts connect to the global landscape. 
Using Interactive Polling Software to Engage Volunteers in Training - A uthor Sammy Feilchenfeld introduces Poll Everywhere, a plug-in tool for slide presentations  that lets you ask questions and get answers live. This Training Designs article showcases a few different ways you can use  Poll Everywhere to connect with volunteers in training sessions. 
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QTipQuick Tip Continued... 
Try playing with different ways to express your work - to find ways to startle, surprise, and educate those who don't really understand. The process is fun and revealing. Read the following statements out loud and consider whether you identify with them. 
  • I provide people with the opportunity to make a difference to a cause they care deeply about.
  • I create a conduit to allow concerned citizens to donate their talents and skills to our important cause.
  • I friend-raise.
  • I build a bridge between the resources of the community and the needs of my organization.
  • I foster revolution by channeling people's concerns about our cause or clients' needs.
  • I give people a way to improve their mental and physical health while helping others.
  • I transform powerlessness in the face of world problems into empowerment to make a real difference in our specific situation.
  • I allow people to rise to the level of their abilities, not the restrictions of their resumes.
  • I open the door for any concerned person to participate productively in our institution.
  • I stretch the budget of our organization by engaging skilled people beyond what we could otherwise afford.
Just like the two workers chiseling marble, one saying "I hammer stone" and the other "I am helping to build a cathedral," it's all in the attitude. If we express our work with a consistent vision, it will have a ripple effect. We'll feel proud, volunteers will feel fulfilled, our organizations will recognize the value of our role, and we can indeed change the world.   

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