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TopQTipQuick Tip for Leading Volunteers

Making the Case for Financial Support of Volunteers 

The following Quick Tip is excerpted from the book,  From the Top Down: The Executive Role in Successful Volunteer Involvement, 3rd Edition  by Susan J. Ellis.

Volunteers are not "free" labor. They are a human resource that costs substantially less in hard cash than any other resource, but funds, space, supplies, and other materials must be allocated to support the work of volunteers...

One of the "Guiding Principles for Volunteer Involvement" highlighted in the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement reads, "Volunteers have rights. Voluntary organizations recognize that volunteers are a vital human resource and will commit to the appropriate infrastructure to support volunteers." "Appropriate infrastructure" means different things to different people, but without it, volunteer effort is undermined and bound to be less effective than it should be. The annual budget, therefore, supports what is needed and desired.  Read more...
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June Hot Topic
By Rob Jackson (UK)

Bribing Volunteers: Should We Be Incentivising People for Their Time?

For several years now the practice of incentivising people to volunteer has become increasingly common. But is this the right approach? Some argue these incentives amount to nothing more than bribes, whilst others herald their success. What can this debate teach us about motivation in the modern age? Read this Month's Hot Topic.  
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News from the Field

Volunteers' Week, United Kingdom
June 1-7, 2018
During Volunteers' Week, hundreds of events and celebrations take place across the UK, saying thank you to volunteers and recognizing their invaluable and diverse contributions.

National Volunteer Week, New Zealand
June 17-23, 2018
New Zealand celebrates National Volunteer Week to recognize and celebrate the vital contribution of New Zealand's approximately 1.2 million volunteers in areas as diverse as social development, the economy and the environment.
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Spotlight on Resources
Articles on Fundraising for Volunteer Involvement

The resources listed under Fundraising in our A-Z Volunteer Management Library deal mainly with managing volunteers in money-raising activities.
You will also find information on finding funds for volunteer involvement expenses. Here are some examples:
The Before Budget vs. The After Math, Carol E. Weisman, pp. 109-111, F.E. Robbins & Sons, 2000
Step-by-step guide to making money effectively and enjoyably by running a Dynamite Dinner, and how to involve volunteers throughout.

From Susan J. Ellis, President, Energize, Inc.
e-Volunteerism The Electronic Journal of the Volunteer Community
New Articles Available
Volume XVIII, Issue 3   
e-Volunteerism, our international, subscription-based journal, is now on it's 18th volume year. As always, all previous journal issues are available to subscribers online in the Archives.

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From the Archives 
OUR Volunteer Program: The Management TEAM Approach to Enhancing Volunteer Programs (Volume V, Issue 4, July 2005) - Betty Stallings makes the case for developing a volunteer program management team, with solid advice for convincing agency executives this is best for the organization - and for them personally.
From the Current Issue
Not Everything that is Voluntary is Volunteering - Definitions are important. But when it comes to volunteerism, a focus on the language we use can often result in a lot of navel gazing and little practical action. In this Points Of View, Rob Jackson looks at the ethical implications that can arise when we aren't clear on the terms we use. Erin R. Spink relates this to actionable advice for anyone working in volunteer engagement. As these two authors clearly point out, not everything that is 'voluntary' is 'volunteering'. 

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New Postings Since the Last Update
Getting to Know Your Non-Volunteers: Insights from a Mixed-Methods Survey - What can an organization learn by examining why some people choose not to volunteer? In this issue's Research to Practice, Laurie Mook reviews an article by researchers from Australia and the Netherlands that focuses our attention on these non-volunteers. While we know a lot about volunteers, their motivations, and issues related to volunteer management, we know far less about non-volunteers. Understanding the non-volunteer perspective can be helpful in attracting and retaining new volunteers to your organization. 
Tech Tools: Best Bets for Volunteer Managers -   When every day is packed with demands, who has time to explore all the resources available to determine which are most useful? How can you know which will actually help you become more productive and be worth the time investment to master the learning curve? In this Along the Web column, Faye C. Roberts helps answer these questions by exploring popular tech tools that can ease the time crunch for volunteer managers. And in keeping with the limited budgets of groups that depend on volunteers, most of the tools Roberts discusses are free or low in cost.
What's Coming Up?
In this issue of e-Volunteerism, columns like Training Designs, author Sammy Feilchenfeld introduces interactive polling software to engage volunteers in training, plus in VoicesAgnetta Nyalita takes you through her journey as a young African promoting volunteerism in her home in Kenya and across Africa.  

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Quotes Using Words Volunteer/Volunteering

Share your favorite quotes about volunteers and volunteering in our "Directory for the Volunteer Management Profession" so that others can add a spark to their presentations! 
QTipQuick Tip Continued... 
Whether you are approaching individual donors, foundations, or corporations,
you need to develop a clear and convincing case as to why they should contribute resources to your volunteer program. In an e-Volunteerism article "Generating Funds for Your Volunteer Program: The Mindset and Methods," author Betty Stallings offers the following talking points:
1. There is a connection between our mission and effective volunteer
. . . request funding based on how volunteers are expanding your capacity to reach your mission, whether that is to end hunger, improve the environment, or empower seniors to live independently. Rather than approaching funders with a budget to support the infrastructure of running a volunteer program, approach them with the impact that volunteers will have on the clients you serve . . .

2. Your investment will leverage resources.
[Funders] want their contributions to be a lead gift that others will
match . . . So, think of all the ways that supporting your volunteer program will provide leveraging opportunities to gain other resources, expand services, and share successful new ideas with others providing a similar service.

3. We welcome community oversight.
Any organization that receives private donations or public support is truly "owned" by the community. And thus, engaging the community in the effort makes a great deal of sense, both as watchdogs for the use of the money and as individuals who can expand the services. 
4. Avoid saying, "volunteers save us money."
What they really do is extend your budget. It is very effective to talk about return on investment, explaining how each dollar given to support volunteers produces a much greater amount of valuable service. 

This Quick Tip for Leading Volunteers comes from From the Topi Down: The Executive Role in Successful Volunteer Involvement, 3rd EditionWant more volunteer management wisdom? Visit our  Online Bookstore.
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