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Patient Resources:

Home Dialysis Central: Patient Stories- Patient Perspective short clips


Home Dialysis Central: Match D- Helping Patients make a informed decision 

Provider Resources:

Journal Article: Identifying Patients for Home Dialysis Article


Journal Article:

Systems to Cultivate Suitable Patients for Home Dialysis  

Dear Provider,
Thank you to all the facilities who are working diligently to increase the referral and training rates of all home dialysis modalities.
Physicians and home modality nurses are being asked to find creative solution for patient who would like to utilize a home modality, but may have some physical limitations. Examples of creative solutions are:
  • Using a pulley system to help patient lift heavy solution bags
  • Using a large digital scale to measure drain weights for visually impaired patients
  • Utilizing screen enlargers for the cyclers if a patient is unable to read the smaller screen.
  • Utilizing gripping devices to help patient turn a manual dial on the Fresenius products 
  • Creating large picture book instruction for patient who may have hearing impairments   
  • Arranging biweekly supply delivery for patient who have limited living space

Also, patient who may be considers " difficult" or "non-compliant" should also be given the opportunity to utilize a home modality if they would like. No patient should ever be turned down for the chance to dialyze at home at their own convince. Often patient will be more compliant when they feel that they have control over when and where they have treatment.


Dialysis facility may also consider partnering with skilled nursing facilities to bring dialysis to the patients who live there. This would eliminate the excessively long days and transportation complication patients experience on treatment days.

Project Activities
* Reviewing data entry in CROWNWeb
* Appoint a Home Therapy Patient Ambassador
* Promote peer-to-peer mentoring
* Create an Education Station
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