In Ocotea Tours & Transfers we celebrate the 193 years of independence in Costa Rica. 

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Solid Waste Management Plan 


Ocotea Tours & Transfers is aware of the importance of proper solid waste management in tourist destinations like Monteverde. Monteverde has undergone a transition in the type of business in the last 30 years, which have varied from farming to economic development based on tourism. 

For this reason since May of 2014, Ocotea Tours & Transfers joined the project Building the foundation for an Integral Solid Waste Management in Monteverde Puntarenas (
Desarrollando la bases para un Sistema de Gesti�n Integral de Residuos S�lidos en Monteverde de Puntarenas). This initiative is led by the UNED and has the support of COMIRES in order to build its Comprehensive Plan Solid Waste Management, along with other organizations in the Monteverde district.

We are implementing concrete actions such as the installation of two bins for waste separation at source. Moreover, recycled paper is used in all possible cases, the rest is donated to a local artisan for mask making and other paper based crafts; and individual food packages are avoided to reduce waste.  

As company we expect to complete our Waste Management Plan by the end of the second semester, which will be an important contribution to reducing the negative impacts of solid waste generation. 

We will keep you updated!


Rain for Reforestation


En Ocotea Tours & Transfers we know about the importanc of the forest as an esential art of life on Earth, its oxygen, fresh water, shelter and food supply for many species of plants and animals; in addition to safeguarding the environment, prevent landslides, and contribute to climate change mitigation. 

For this reason, we use this rainy season to encourage and implement reforestation. In these months the trees receive rainwater, adapt well to the soil and start rooting to have enough strength for drier times and thus ensuring its survival. 



Parade for Climate Change in Monteverde


Ocotea Tours & Transfers joins this parade to support from Monteverde the UN summit in New York on the climate crisis. UN Secretary� General Ban Ki-�moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global agreement to dramatically reduce global warming pollution.

More about the summit on People�s Climate.

Independence Day Activities


El The Municipal Council of Monteverde District invites you to join the activities in celebration of Costa Rica's independence day this coming September 14th and 15th. 

Cultural Activity


We share this invitation for a day with cultural activities to enjoy with family and friends. 

Collection Campaign


The Municipal Council of Monteverde District informs about the Non Traditional Materials Collection Campaing this next Wednesday, September 24th.

Go Green, Go Recycle!
Widening of the Guacimal-Santa Elena route


To our neighbors, transporters, tourists and others who visit or live in the community of Monteverde, we share the available shedules, until further notice, for allowing passage while the Raasa Company is working on the 606 Guacimal-Monteverde Route. Please take this into consideration for an efficient planning and to avoid too many drawbacks

*Remember you can use the alternate route through Las Juntas.


   Non official schedule. For reference only. More information on Foro de Monteverde Facebook.


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