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2019 is proving to be an exciting year! Working together with our partners we have continued to make significant advancements in addressing the concerns of those affected by mental illness.
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MDSC announces the expansion of our Award Program for 2019
We are proud to announce the expansion of our Award Program in 2019. Each year the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) presents two awards – both in recognition of outstanding work and passion in the field of mental health. Commencing this year, we are accepting nominations for these prestigious awards from the Canadian public.  

Nominations will be open to submissions from Canadians who have knowledge of an individual or / organization who fits the nomination criteria. The recipients will be recognized during the week of October 6 – 12, 2019, Mental Illness Awareness Week. 

Quick Facts on Mental Illness & Addiction in Canada
MDSC is very proud to release the fourth edition of this highly referenced compendium of facts on mental illness and addictions. With expanded sections, statistics and key facts. Written in an easy to read style that delivers key information to all members of the Canadian public. All facts provided in this handbook are evidence based.
We trust that this Fourth Edition of “Quick Facts on Mental Illness & Addiction in Canada” will serve the great need for a central resource for a wide range of significant facts on these illnesses. We rust this revised document will support increased public understanding and discussion of a subject that requires more dialogue by all.

Additional hard copies of this publication or other publications of MDSC may be ordered by going to: 

Canadian Educator Conference on Mental Health (CECMH)
Building on the success of last years CECMH conference where over 330 educators, administrators, and mental health professionals gathered to learn more about mental health and tools and resources that support their efforts.

Plans are well underway for our next CECMH in the spring of 2020. The conference is scheduled for April 23 and 24th at the International Centre in Mississauga Ontario. The upcoming conference will include keynote presentations by world renowned leaders on the following topics dealing with students in schools: Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. Conference attendees will also attend workshops provided by practicing educators and experts who will share strategies and tools that can be implemented immediately upon their return to work.

We look forward to seeing many of you there. Keep an eye on our website for more details and registration information at
With over 2.5 million visitors to our website, (500 visitors a day), is a very valuable resource for persons impacted by depression as well as their families, caregivers and health care providers. Offering information in four languages, this website has in-depth information, tools and supports. MDSC is very proud to provide these resources, tools and supports. Please visit the website today and share with family and friends.

Workplace Mental Health
MDSC’s Workplace Mental Health book provides tool and resources for employers and employees to create and sustain a mentally healthy workplace. It is a step by step guide to implement programs that will help maintain the wellness of your staff and support employees who are experiencing mental illness – so that they can get well and return to full productivity.

This Workplace resource provides the information needed to promote and support positive Mental Health in the Workplace, to access your copy visit the website here . These exceptional resource guides can also be ordered in hard copy. You can also join the MDSC Workplace Facebook page for ongoing support and discussions. 

Medications and You
As part of our popular public education activities, MDSC is proud to provide in our series, Medications and You.

We know that one in five Canadians will have a mental illness or issue each year. Often, the first step is a discussion with a family physician or other health professional about the challenges that you are experiencing. When you or a family member/ friend experience mental health issues, often medications are part of the recovery process. Through this book, it is our hope we can assist by providing you with easy to understand information on medications. You can access the easy to read booklet 

Transitions to Communities
The Transitions to Communities program continues to deliver professional skills development programming for veterans and others who are experiencing obstacles reintegrating into employment. Learn more on how this program may support someone you know today. 

Montreal: (514) 487-0165 - Toronto: (416) 322-8387 - Calgary: (587) 356-1816
Project Trauma Support
Project Trauma Support has now served hundreds of First Responders, Military personnel and veterans in this innovative program. MDSC together with Project Trauma Support and the University of Alberta have launched year one of the three-year research project made possible by the Ministry of Veteran’s Affairs Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund which will provide this program to 96 veterans. 

To date, over 30 veterans who have been impacted by service-related psychological trauma, have benefited from this grant by attending the 6-day Project Trauma Support retreat in Perth.  The Project Trauma Support approach invites participants to reprocess their traumatic experiences by shifting perspective, allowing them to find new meaning in their past experiences and their lives going forward. The message to those who attend is “You did not go through all this for nothing and your story is not over yet!”

The group based nature of the Project Trauma Support program allows deep, lasting bonds to be formed with peers. The exploration of themes of trust, team building, compassion and authentic communication lead to improved family relationships and social networks.

Graduates have a greater understanding of how they have been impacted by Post Traumatic Stress and Moral Injury and are given tools to gain mastery over their symptoms. The veterans who have benefited from attending Project Trauma Support have shared with the research team that they found the environment to be safe and reassuring. They developed close bonds with the mentors and other participants. They feel significantly more connection with loved ones and peers once home, and they have achieved a change in perspective to be more open, calm and able to overcome the effects of their Operational Stress Injuries. They are able to envision a better future for themselves and their families. 

Peer & Trauma Support Services
This year, we have had 31 participants in our Peer and Trauma Support Systems participate in the two-day English Peer Support Training Workshops. The French program will be available later in the year.

MDSC’s Peer and Trauma Support Services team is honoured to receive a Bell True Patriot Love Foundation grant which is supporting us to provide Peer Support training to veterans in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary.

Recently, the Ontario and Alberta Team facilitators had the opportunity to cross paths with each and every one of those who attended.

Here are just a few of the comments shared with us by the participants from the workshop experience:

Excellent info. Well presented. Highly recommended

Very positive. Material presented was very good. Would highly recommend this course.

Loved the instructors and their lived experience, as well as their professionalism in presenting such sensitive material. You could feel their kindness and empathy and the fact that they cared was transparent. A pleasure to learn from.

Excellent program. Long past due.”

Instructors made their experiences known and helped throughout the course to relate material to life so I will recommend this course.”

APEC Digital Hub
MDSC is proud to work with the University of British Columbia and University of Alberta as a Core partner in the APEC Digital Hub for Mental Health on this project to support mental health resources for the international community. To learn more about this project visit the website

Elephant In The Room (EITR)
The Elephant In The Room anti-stigma campaign is an international success which Mood Disorders Society of Canada created in 2001. Since that time, hundreds of workplaces, agencies, government departments, colleges, universities and schools have successfully implemented the program to eliminate stigma.

When you display your blue elephant, you show that this is a safe place to talk about mental health and illness without the fear of being viewed differently. Along with the program resources MDSC provides to support the effort, this anti-stigma program is having significant results. Have you you joined the campaign yet?

To implement this incredible anti-stigma campaign visit our EITR website today at: and follow us on Twitter:  @MDSC_Elephant 

The national Defeat Depression campaign is having another amazing year! Events are taking place across the country and Canadians are getting involved and raising funds to support mental health organizations and services in their local communities. Join the campaign at MDSC works with communities to set up events from coast to coast, if there is not yet an event in your community, contact us today and we will work with you to establish your own event. Raise funds for your community, bring people together to tackle depression and mental illness, and show you care.

We have raised close to $2,000,000 for community mental health in Canada.

We gratefully thank all of our participants who take part and raise funds, our generous donors, and our incredible national sponsors including, Our Title Sponsor Vale, our Presenting Sponsor Lundbeck Canada Inc. the Mental Health Commission of Canada,, VIA Rail Canada, Innovative Medicines Canada, and Webs9!

We are currently seeking additional national sponsors. If your organization would like to take a stand to support mental health, contact us.
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May 25th 9 am - Bell Park, Sudbury, ON
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May 25th 10 am - Sunset Point, Collingwood, ON
Campbell River 7th Annual Walk
May 25th 9 am - Robert V. Ostler Park, Campbell River, BC
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May 25th 12 pm - Rotary Park, Penticton, BC
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June 1st 9 am - Victoria Park, Edmonton, AB
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June 9th 9 am - Zwick's Park, Belleville ON
Durham Region Annual Walk & Talk
June 9th 12 pm - Countryside Preserve, Uxbridge, ON
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Innovi Cares
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