Moorestown Construction Update
Dear Parents,

I hope this update finds all of you well and enjoying your summer! Cutting right to the chase, a September 2nd start date in Moorestown is still possible, but not likely. We are on target for a September 9th start date in Moorestown. Right now, the worst case scenario is that we do not open in Moorestown on September 9th and have to have actual school in Merchantville. If we get to this, I’ll share what that will look like as soon as possible. However, we expect to be in Moorestown before October. This means we would have to move everything back over the course of a weekend. Not ideal for us, but better than any other alternative.

The professionals on this project have all been amazing. There are so many little stories I can share, but the bottom line is that they are willing to work 20 hour days to get this done on time. They assured us they will do everything they can, “for the school and for you and your children.” 

Here is an example of what has been going on over the past week. We learned that this building is the safest place to be for a natural disaster. They busted through about 8 inches of brick wall and 6 inches worth of plaster. Then what they saw was not like anything they have seen in a building this old. There were large steel beams!

Awesome for safety and structure, but not awesome for installing a required elevator. So, the past week was worse case scenarios, calling in other professionals and coming up with a solution. Everything looks like it is going to work out now. I just got off the phone with the General Contractor. Additionally, with other work happening, it looks like the elementary classroom on the second floor is going to be an awesome open classroom. They have removed the walls there too. Site work is going to start next week and really be noticeable in two weeks. This includes the widening of the driveways, installing fire hydrants and a few other things.

While not without its stresses, it is a very exciting time! We all definitely appreciate your support and faith in us as a school. We have come a long way in a short time and will continue to grow and do great things together as we move into our new location! As always, feel free to reach out, ask questions, or offer words of encouragement and understanding.


Matthew Simberg, M.Ed.
Head of School
Montessori Seeds of Education
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