Moorestown Construction Update

Dear Parents,

Now that we are getting closer and it is August, I will be sending at least weekly updates. See some pictures below. They show the opening up of the second floor for the elementary classroom.
There is a hole in the closet now on the first floor where the elevator is going to go, a hole in the wall going into the blue room where the primary classroom is and a hole going up to the second floor for the elevator.
The widening of the driveway and placement of two fire hydrants is supposed to start next week. All of the outside work should be done before September first and will take about two weeks to complete. By the way, I have reached out to a couple of sign companies, but have not been satisfied. If anyone can recommend a company, that would be great!

There was a problem with the Contractor’s professionals answering the township’s comments, but that should all be taken care of now and will be confirmed on Monday that it was submitted today. I spoke with my professionals about turn around time and everything should be standard and easy with regards to approval at this point to get started on fire sprinklers, plumbing and electrical work. 

What is left to be done as far as construction goes inside of the building?

  1. A sprinkler system will be installed throughout the whole building. This should take two to three weeks.
  2. Two ADA bathrooms will be created in place of two existing bathrooms on the first floor.
  3. Some electrical work will be done and all outlets will be child proof, meaning they won’t be able to electrocute themselves if they stick something in the outlet.
  4. Cameras will be installed around the outside of the building.
  5. Some doors will be changed and an electronic lock will be placed on the front door.
  6. All carpets will be removed and walls will be painted.

With regards to the first week in September, I want to share what I am thinking. My understanding is that there was possibly some confusion between last week’s communication and the one before that. I had put out a communication regarding an extended camp sort of week for the week of Labor Day. In that communication, I asked for people to sign up before July 31 so I could gauge how we could accommodate. Knowing how many parents of children are going to need or want childcare is going to determine how we can accommodate. Thank you to the families who have given us their feedback. Please click here to sign up as soon as possible after you read what my considerations are below. 

If we can possibly and ideally start in Moorestown on September 9th, it would be super helpful to have that prior week to set up the classrooms. I’m hoping to know that as soon as possible for both our sakes. We could accommodate some children during that week prior to the ninth in Merchantville. If we cannot start the week of the 9th in Moorestown, we will start school in Merchantville and have to buckle down one whole weekend to move everything back to Moorestown for a start up on whatever that Monday happens to be in September. It would be incredibly helpful if parents continue to offer to help with that, when that time comes.

Well, I do have something that we could also use help with before September comes around. The garage in Moorestown is packed with a lot of our school’s stuff and not organized. To help make the move easier, we could use help separating the classroom materials and shelves. Please email me if you would be willing to help organize that.

The way we want to start the school year is not going to be ideal for anyone. However, it is a one time experience, and I am confident that by supporting each other, we can make it work.We have such a great community of staff and families, and I am always touched by the offers to help.

If you are a current or newly enrolled family and have not yet done so, we encourage you to join the closed MSOE parents group on Facebook and introduce yourself. It is a great resource to get to know other families and maybe be able to set up some meet ups, etc, before school starts.

As always, I want you to know that I truly appreciate all of you, your support and commitment to MSOE and your child(ren)’s education. Enrollment continues to grow every week and it truly is a very exciting time for all of us!


Matthew Simberg, M.Ed.
Head of School
Montessori Seeds of Education
School Phone: 609-832-2546 | (609) 832-2546 |