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Oct. 17, 2017Premier Fly-In Only Canadian Trophy Hunting News

Moose Magnificence- 2 at 61 "

Caribou Herd


The 2017 Fall season again produced the excellent moose hunting the North Seal is known for. The quality of the bulls were awesome but the highlight was taking not one but TWO monster bulls that measured 61".

The season started with excellent weather, several good frosts to get them going and good weather. However, as we hit the field it became apparent with the lack of tracks the bulls were not moving much, which is NOT what we expected. Moose hunting even at its finest is unpredictable, with the three Ws- weather, wolves and wind always playing a factor. We have a great crew of guides who know their craft well and they persevered, working their way thru and success began to happen. That first week there were almost zero callbacks, as several of the guides reported the animals just stepped out after calling with no response. High winds limited us the last two days, otherwise I am sure we would have had at least two more. We went 7 for 11 that first week with several incredible bulls in the 50s, including a 61" by Drake Litterall. Special mention must be given to Dr. Byron Grubb. We have lost track but this may have been his 10th moose hunt with us. We are proud to say Doc was successful again, taking the 30th moose of his hunting life. That's quite an achievement.

Huge BearThe second week slowly kicked into gear. Success began to pile up, including another 61" by hunter Mike Gilson. As the week wore on, bad weather again played a key as our guides worked hard to create success. One of the things we do up North is always keep a couple of spots on backup in case one of our areas is not showing good sign. This was the case with one lake this year (which has produced well in the past). As the week wore on, we just weren't seeing enough sign. On the sixth day of the hunt, we split the two hunters and moved them to two different lakes. The first hunter scored almost immediately with a nice 54" bull. The second was on to sign but we ran out of time, only seeing a cow and calf in the last day. If only we had one more day!

The final tally - 15 for 20, with 12 bulls 48" or better, 11 over 50", 6 - 58" or bigger, and 2- 61" If you want big Canadian moose, Northern Manitoba is where it is at.

2017 Caribou

Huge BearIt certainly was a reassuring site to fly into our caribou camps this Fall and be greeted by several of the beasts running around. All in all, a very successful return to our traditional and well renowned Manitoba caribou hunt.

The first two weeks, 57 animals for 58 licenses. The last hunter had several opportunities but was selective. At the end, he was on at least two clusters of big bulls which got spooked from him by big wolves chasing them.

The third week was a challenge. The caribou shifted their patterns with some animals shifting south and many heading back North. Two were taken at the camp but by mid-week we did a reconnaissance and discovered small clusters 30 miles to the east of us. We sent up our plane and promptly moved hunters. This resulted in 4 more caribou taken and we feel we could have filled all tags. Unfortunately, we sent our second plane up to assist but the staging operation had to be shut down due to challenging weather conditions. The third week ended up 8 for 22. We definitely could have had many more if we could have flown.

The overall tally was 65 for 80 with a lot of really big bulls. The overall quality was simply excellent. Next year, we will be making some tweaks to the hunt, moving up our finishing date to avoid the inclement weather that seems to move in late season as winter approaches.

All in all, an excellent year for caribou that should have been close to 100% with a little more cooperation from the weather. The Manitoba caribou hunt is back!

Fall Bear

Huge BearThere were several great bear taken this Fall. Stephen Bolling took one of the prettiest colored bears we have ever seen, a gorgeous pure blonde with just a hint of peach in its color. Six more were taken including some real monsters by our Fall Combo hunters including this hoss by Damon Byers (see photo).



2018 Hunts

Our 2018 hunts for caribou, black bear, and moose are filling up so best to call us asap to ensure your spot for 2018. Our spring black bear hunt was filmed last year by not one but THREE shows- Joe Thomas , 'Great American Outdoors,' Mike Pelletier's ' Hard Core Pursuit,' and of course the one and only Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo from Archers Choice. All took big bears and filmed MORE awesome shows. Remember we limit our 5,000,000 sq. mile area to only 18 spring bear hunters a year. Incredible bear hunting, incredible fishing, in the most personalized of settings.


Ganglers Hunting Montage

Caribou Hunting

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