Being Good At What We Do – Or, Being Good

Dennis Hollinger

Being good in the moral life through God’s work means two things: moral character and moral actions. Both are integral to each other. 

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William Wilberforce and His Circle of Friends

Richard Gathro

The cause of abolition is probably the activity for which Wilberforce is best known in history.

However, it marks only a central theme to approximately forty years of public life and activity. 

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What Calls One Away Is Better

A Reflection

How easy it is to become discontented and lose our joy when we don’t get what we had expected. We so easily refuse the real good that God has given us and make it bitter by focusing on what we thought we deserved or expected.

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Glory Through Christ's Power

Earl Palmer 

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What is a Legacy Recording? A legacy audio recording is drawn from a collection of free audio resources over the last 40+ years featuring themes which are still relevant today.

Praying in the Hard Times

Monthly Resource


Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to find peace in your life.

When you're struggling to cope with the circumstances of your life, turn to God for comfort. There are many reasons to pray in hard times, but the most important reason to do it is that it will help you to stay strong in the Lord.

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Recommended Reading:

Approaching the Almighty

A.W. Tozer 

You'll be deeply moved by Tozer's profound prayers, gathered into this never-before-published collection of his finest sermon openers. From praise for Jesus Christ, his cleansing resurrection, and his Word to pleas encouraging authenticity, thankfulness, and surrender...

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Questions That Matter

Episode 46: The Air We Breathe with Glen Scrivener

Western society holds strongly to some foundational values like equality, freedom, kindness, progress, and others. But all these values have Christian roots.

Helping our non-Christian friends see this can help them move from unbelief to saving faith.


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Knowing & Doing

Episode 42: Suggestions for Spending Daily Time with God Tom Tarrants

One of the means by which we can grow closer to God is by setting aside time each day to quietly read and reflect on God’s Word, lift our prayers to Him, and give thanks and praise to Him for who He is and for His goodness to us. Tom offers helpful suggestions that will aid you in developing your daily time with God and growing to know Him better and love Him more.

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Spiritual Warfare in a Material World

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Cosmic Chemistry

Is it possible to be a scientist and a person of faith at the same time? Are Christianity and Science at odds with one another? These apologetics questions and other will be explored in this pre-recorded interview with renowned scientist and philosopher, Dr. John Lennox.

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