More awards for a FSM therapist? Our therapists are hitting it out of the park!
Congratulations to Marcus Murphy - he has received the Dane County Juvenile Court's Peter Rubin Award and the   Wisconsin Association of Child & Youth Care Providers' Youth Work Supervisor of the Year Award.

A special thanks to Festival Foods for hosting Family Service Madison for their ICON sale!
Honorable Shelley Gaylord (left) with Marcus Murphy (right)

FSM Therapist, Marcus Murphy - Peter Rubin Award & Juvenile Court Award Recipient

Marcus Murphy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Director of Family Service Madison’s day treatment program, Steps to Success. On top of managing the Steps program, which includes our collaboration with Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) to deliver mental health services, he also co-facilitates FSM’s anti-violence group, Alternatives to Aggression, and provides outpatient therapy services.
Marcus started his career 29 years ago and has had positions at Netcare, Directions for Youth, and Community Partnerships. In 1989, he was originally taking classes to earn a teaching certificate at Southern Connecticut State University, and someone recommended that if he wanted to be a teacher, he should get in the classroom. At that point, Marcus got a job at a residential treatment facility in Durham, CT as a teacher’s assistant, decided he loved working with kids, and never looked back. From there, he went on to receive his master’s degree in Social Work from Ohio State University.

Marcus began working at FSM in 2003 and has worked with us, in one capacity or another, for 15 years. Marcus noted that there is a reason that so many people have worked at Family Service Madison for a so many years and that he loves watching the kids and families in his program thrive after they work hard to achieve their goals.

Marcus is inspiring and does amazing work at FSM, and when I asked him in turn what his early influences were for doing such meaningful work, he said, “My mom always instilled in me a need to look out for the underdog. My dad taught me about being flexible and being able to adapt to any situation. I have also had many coworkers throughout my career, many without advanced degrees, who were just so fantastic at patiently guiding those in need toward something better.” He also added that “Receiving these awards is very humbling. There are people around us all the time doing amazing things. We should appreciate that in each other more often.” 

Congratulations, Marcus! The two awards you’ve received don’t begin to touch the awesome things you’ve done and the lives you’ve helped. You’ve made our community a better place and we appreciate all the work you do!

Festival Foods Partnership - A Success!

FSM would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Festival Foods! Our Sustaining Local Families Event was a huge success, and Festival helped us raise over $1,000.00 to help people in our programs get the help that they need!
Dave Johnson, FSM President & CEO on Channel 3000

Dave was on the Channel 3000 news to help promote our Sustaining Local Families Event at Festival Foods. Click here to check out the interview (FSM's segment starts at 23:30).

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