Hello Everyone,

Every day we face another new phase of this ever changing situation. Every business is adjusting in new, and let’s face it - scary, ways. Here in Greensboro, NC all restaurants, bars, and coffee houses are either closed or trying takeout only, although few have the necessary experience or technology. But, we see them adapting in the best ways they know how.

At Musikgarten we will likewise adapt our policies to support you as we are able.

Here are some things to remember during this time:
  • Continue to market your program! There will be a temptation to hold off on marketing because of the uncertainty of the future.
  • Keep taking registrations!
  • Keep planning for Summer and Fall!
  • Stay positive: This is a challenge for everyone. Patience and a kind word go a long way as we all adjust.

A lot of you are probably wondering, “How will I get the materials to parents?” when I set up a virtual class. We have a couple suggestions and a new option for you to consider:

1) Bulk orders shipped to your location : This is the usual way we do business and is still a good option. Summer materials are on sale, all other materials still receive your Licensee bulk discounts, and shipping will be calculated via our normal percentage of the total order. Place the order online in the Shop after logging into your Musikgarten account, call us at 800-216-6864, or email to order@musikgarten.org .
Here are some suggestions to keep social distance while distributing the materials:
  • Set up a drive through pick up during each class’ normal time, much like school drop off and pick up that we have all grown accustomed.
  • Be sure to tell the parents via email the exact name of the materials they will be picking up.
  • Set up times or shifts for small groups or even individuals to pick up the materials.
  • Set up a pick up table that you keep disinfected.
  • Be as organized as possible. The better organized you are the quicker your families can get the materials.
2) Drop shipment option: Starting immediately during this COVID-19 time period we can drop ship your packets to your families. Here are the specifics:
  • Cost: $3.50 per packet for drop shipment
  • How to order with this option: either call 800-216-6864 or email to order@musikgarten.org.
  • The website is NOT set up to order this special way.
  • Extra information: To be able to drop ship the material we will need either a Word document or Excel spreadsheet with all contact information for your families: First and Last name, address, phone number, email address and the packet they are receiving. (Note: This will be for shipping purposes only; we will not be storing this information.)
  • You will still receive all Summer sale prices and any bulk Licensee discounts that apply.

NOTE: This is a temporary service and for US customers only. International customers will need to contact us for pricing.

Depending on volume and shipping companies’ availability delivery times may be delayed. We will do our best to maintain the same fast service.

We will do all we can to help you through this time of uncertainty. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

Jeff and the Musikgarten Staff