Volume 21 | December 2018
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It's beginning to look a lot like Chirstmas...
Annual Christmas Kids Project
 Each year at Christmas time Lambda sponsors several children to receive Christmas gifts through Christmas for Kids, an operation sponsored by Colorado's DHS. These gifts go to children in the foster system to make sure they receive the love and care they need this Christmas.
We enjoy putting together these special, personalized presents together for children in need this season. God has blessed us here at Lambda and we hope to bless others this season and give them something that will make a difference in their lives and show them they are loved.
As Christmas approaches this year we are thankful for everyone who supports our business and makes gifts like these possible!
Stay warm and don't forget the reason for this season!
Stay Safe Christmas shopping!
Tech Tips
More Cable Options? Check out the cable that does it all!
A few articles ago we talked about HDMI cables and the drawback of only being able to run them 25ft or so. We also talked about how you can use SDI to get HD video signal over a long distance. But that isn’t all we have to tell you! There is a third option for you to consider!
This signal is a new comer on the video scene and is called HDBaseT. This signal was first created in 2010 and can be used for the transmission of ultra-high-definition video, audio, Ethernet, control, USB and even up to 100W of power! All of this is over a single cable! It’s the Mary Poppins of cables!

HDBaseT uses Cat6a cable, but because of all the different functions it can be used for, it uses specialized connectors. These look identical to a standard RJ45 connector but be warned! Because HDBaseT carries power as well, if you plug it into a standard RJ45 jack you can severely damage that piece of equipment! If you are unsure, its always better to ask rather than risk your equipment.
HDBaseT can be run up to 328ft giving far more flexibility in running video signal. This cable is also extreamly convenient in instances when paired with a piece of HDBaseT equipped gear. The PTZ camera, for instance, would usually require up to 3-4 cables for signal, power, and control, but with an HDBaseT connection you only need one! Think about all the money that could be saved by only running one wire connection. Not to mention the amount of time running cable through walls and ceilings. If you have a hard to reach place or a tangle of cables attached to that old equipment, it could be worth your time and money looking for an HDBaseT piece of equipment as a replacement and running one cable instead. 
Fun Gear!
Da-lite IDEA Screen
We talked briefly about the IDEA screen from Da-lite last week. This is a fun piece to add to your AV system including conference rooms, classrooms and meeting spaces. This interactive screen can be used as a whiteboard with dry-erase markers as well as a projection surface. The special finish minimizes “hot spots” projection onto a regular board would cause. You can now easily project work sheets and use the markers to fill and mark the projection without creating multiple slides to show. It can be a creative, workable, changing surface to inspire the creativity your team needs in the moment! All IDEA screens are also magnetic allowing for expanded creativity. This is an easy, fun dynamic to change up your meeting space and provide the clear projection and versatility you need for any occasion. 
If you missed last week's article, check it out for a recent install where we used the IDEA screen.

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